Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey there May, you came kinda quickly....

Wow, this year is going by so fast…. It is already May. Aaron did come back Monday, April 19th, but not till 11pm, so the good thing was that I could pick him up after a full day of work. Ever since work got really busy it has not really gotten any more “relaxing”. I have yet some more clients, so now I teach my Zumba® Fitness class Monday mornings at 9am and then Tuesday and Thursday I start training at 7am and Wednesday and Friday I start at 8am. I work till 8pm or 9pm every night except for Fridays. Saturdays mornings I do Yoga before work, as well as Thursdays at the gym. I wish I could do it more often, but I do not really have time, nor are there available classes at the times that I do have time. But it is all ok, twice a week is a must though. Aaron was in Miami with some of his guy friends last week and came back yesterday, on his birthday. I got him an “Edible Arrangement” and a relaxation package at the AVEDA Institute downstairs, his appointment is this Thursday. Then I took him out for dindin at “Sambuca” after I picked him up at the airport with some balloons, which he had no clue about. Over all it was a really good day yesterday and everything worked out well. Thursday Jasmin texted me that she was at the hospital after she had experienced some abdominal pain all evening. Friday she had her appendix removed. Once again, my parents did not know, so they were kind of upset, which is understandable, but they really could not have done anything, just like me, because we are not in Turkey. This month is going to be busy. Next weekend I am supposed to teach a Zumba® Fitness class Saturday morning at a school’s annual health fair, then the following weekend we have a health fair at the gym where I work at and Aaron and I have a wedding to attend. I am excited, because the girl that is getting married here is moving here from Germany. I used to work with her and she is getting here on the 10th of May. Then the next weekend I was going to take the Aqua Zumba® workshop, but it is all sold out, so I guess I am going to work and then…. Well, you will see ;-)

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