Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nap time needs to be practiced more often!

It is almost July – unbelievable! This will be my second 4th of July here in the States. Aaron is in ATL right. His family wants him to stay till after the 4th, but I asked him to come back before. The problem is that he is flying stand-by and since I experienced the dilemma of trying to fly out of ATL on stand-by on a Sunday I do not see us spending the night of the 4th together to watch some fireworks. I have been working a lot, since I was on vacation the first week of this month, but I also decided that I do not work weekends anymore, unless I absolutely have to, like subbing a Zumba® Fitness class or so, like last weekend. The weekend after July 4th, my gym asked me if I was willing to teach a class at the Taste of Dallas and of course I said yes. I think it will be fun, plus it can possibly bring some business in the door, besides the fun it will be. I got a couple of new songs on my playlist, Shakira’s “Waka Waka” is one of them and that one is tons of fun. I had 37 members in my class last Thursday and the energy was just so great! Cody has been supporting the German soccer team with all she got, except for when they lost their second game. I did not know they were playing and saw the game on TV at 7am as I got to work. I had not put her jersey on, so that’s why they lost. Other than that she has been wearing it and since the States are out we do not have to make her choose which team she likes better, since Germany will not be playing the States. I have been working on my tan on the weekends and working out at the gym in the morning hours before it gets really hot there. I miss my Jassele a lot :-(.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The first week is always the worst :-(

I miss my Jassele. I miss my parents, too, but my sister more. I have been back home now since Monday and this week has been hard. Monday? Yes, Monday. I was supposed to get back on Sunday, but since everybody in Atlanta gets on a plane to Dallas on Sundays for whatever reasons they may have I did not make it on any of the ten or so flights on Sunday. I almost did not make it Monday, I was not even supposed to be on the plane that I was on, but I made it to Dallas at 3pm on Monday and my loved one picked me up. I just had to get my suitcase, since it had gotten to Dallas the night before and go home. I spent the night at Aaron’s aunt’s house in ATL and that was the upside of the delayed trip home. I finally met her. She had dindin waiting for me and the guest room was ready, so perfect. As I got home on Monday I was “attacked” by a very happy Cody who was REALLY happy to see me. She almost knocked me over as she greeted me. I went to work at 5pm till 8pm, went to the grocery store after work and then did the laundry. After that I went to sleep, yeay. I must say it is good to be back home, but I could have stayed longer with my sister in Turkey. For some reasons though, I guess, it is always too short when we see each other. I miss her so much, it is really bad this time. I have no idea when or where I am gonna see her again. She will be in Turkey till November of this year. I already looked at flights to see her again, but they are around $1600, and that is a lot! Plus the cost at the hotel I would have to pay. I do not know when it is gonna get better, but I know it has to. I know she misses me too, a lot and I really wished I could help her. I am really looking forward to the next time I am gonna see her and hope it is not gonna be too far away! Luv u sissy!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vacation time is over :-(

Well, my vacation is almost over. Tomorrow I will be back on my way home to Dallas, Texas. Of course my brother and Nicole knew I was coming to the birthday/housewarming party, because my uncle Harald had slipped the information to them. He probably did not know it was supposed to be a surprise. Oh well. We had a very good time and the apartment is really nice. I got to see my Braunschweiger girls Anja and Katja and we went to an American Football game and the Braunschweiger Lions won, yeay. Sunday I slept till 12noon, which was awesome. My dad had breakfast ready and we basically were lazy all day. Ordered dindin in for the night and went to nap on the couch till 2am. My dad dropped my mom and I off at the airport, because our flight to Dalaman left at 4am. Three hour flight, easy. My mom and I could not really go to sleep on the plane, so we decided to nap on the beach later on, which I did EVERY SINGLE DAY during our stay in Turkey. After Jasmin and her co-worker Alex picked us up at the airport we went to have breakfast at the hotel and then went upstairs to put our bathing suits on. Straight to the beach. I fell asleep pretty quickly and Jasmin joined us for a little but, since she had to work on Monday, but was off the rest of our stay. The food at the hotel was awesome. Basically, you could get something to eat 24/7. Shakes, coffee, teas, juices, sodas, wine and beer as much as you could possibly drink and food…… well, the scale will tell that story, hehe he. We went to the beach every day. I took a dip in the ocean and in the pool. I worked out Jasmin and Mimi, who promised me they are gonna keep it up. I wrote them two training plans. Tuesday and Thursday night we went to the show. I enjoyed them very much. Monday night I had to go to bed very early, because I was exhausted. I slept in Jassel’s room three nights and in our hotel room two nights. The nights I spent with Jassele ended up a little bit later, but we enjoyed every single minute we had with each other. I even taught a Zumba® Fitness class to the staff and a couple of guests and it was a blast. There were a lot of male participants which I thought was awesome! We went to a basar, which was a little disappointing, but Jassele got a white belly dance scarf for a steal, so it was still worth it. I did not find what I had seen in Sarigerme at the basar, so we went back to Sarigerme on foot Friday night. We were told that Sarigerme was kind of expensive, but I got what I wanted, so everything is fine. On our way back the staff laundry car passed us and stopped. He gave us a ride. Jassele and I in the back and my mom in the passenger seat. That was so much fun. Jassele and I both wore purple dresses Friday night, so we had to be careful as we hopped out of the back of the mini truck. I am sad right now. I am sitting at the airport in Dalaman with my mom and I already miss my Jassele (no tears), but I do not know when I am gonna see her again. It sure did not seem as if we had not seen each other for nine months, but I sure miss her. We had tons of fun and her co-workers are awesome, I really enjoyed getting to know all of them, some of them more than others. It was a really good trip, and now I am ready to go back home. I would just have liked to pack my Jassele in my suitcase and take her with me. Luv u sissy and I am sorry for the tears, but I could not help it and now I feel a lot better! <3 style="font-size:100%;">