Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What's a Doula? Can I have one?

You bet you can! Some of you guys might know that I took on a new educational adventure this year. I decided toward the end of last year that I wanted to expand my horizon and study to become a doula. Simply put a doula is a birth supporter - in whatever way you need them to support you and your partner. I realized that I have always been passionate about working with my pregnant clients during their pregnancy and in their postpartum time and so I found an organization that lets you study on your own pace. I finished the "studying" part of the training process about two weeks ago and am now reading about a dozen more books on various topics related to childbirth and breastfeeding. I am ready to come support though. So ready! Check out my website for more info at www.babybundle.net
It has been almost a year since I last blogged already and I did not even realize it..... Oops. The husband and I went to a Coldplay concert last year which was amazing and also took a trip to SanFran where one of my dear friends got married. It was a blast! I guess it is always great when a bunch of your friends show up to an out-of-town-wedding and you can just enjoy the night till the cows come home. The girls and I made pumpkins this past Halloween and I did not even lose a finger. This was a first time for me and of course I went for a very hard unicorn stencil. I had to!
My parents AND my sister were here in January and naturally stayed for my birthday. We made a cake together this year and my parents tried an all vegan restaurant with us for breakfast. It was a great day over all. We took some bike rides in beautiful Southern California and my sister and I got to go to the Ellen Show after one of my best friends flew(!) us to Burbank.
Then the man and I took a surprise weekend trip to San Diego and that was like a mini-vacation. We rented a nice car and stayed downtown (I think) and just explored the city and enjoyed each other's company! My annual trip to Germany is coming up in August. I haven't been during the summer for a while so I am hoping for a rain-free trip! 
Here are some photos from the last ten-ish months. 
the girls and I at Sarah's wedding in SanFran

with the beautiful bride

all the girls with the bride

got to vote for President the first time ever....

pumpkin carving

sunsets at the beach with the man

cake time

vegan brekkie with the rents

dad at the rain room at LACMA

bike cycling 

my best-friend-gone-pilot

The Ellen Show