Sunday, April 17, 2011

One pound of hair - OR - The curse of the vehicles

Well, this past week was quiet eventful. Last Thursday I got an email that my bicycle had arrived at the store. Aaron asked one of his friends if we could borrow his bigger car and we went on our way Friday night just to find the bike unassembled. We asked for it to be put together, so we can come get it Saturday night. I called Saturday to make sure it had been put together just to find out that the bike people were off on Saturdays and we would have to wait till Sunday. No biggie (at that point I was ok). Sunday rolls around and I call again to make sure we are not gonna waste our time. Nope, the bike has been misplaced, sold or I do not know what. So then I was upset. How do you loose a bicycle in a box that is almost as big as a mattress? Anyway, so I went online to see if any other store had the bicycle and after numerous hang-ups, disconnections and whatever else I finally found one. So, Aaron and I got the bigger car (again) and went to another store. The bike there was not on display but one of the employees was so helpful and grabbed it from the back - unassembled of course as well. Oh well, we took it with us along with a matching backpack, lights and a lock. Putting it together took about two hours or so. Wow. So, Monday afternoon I actually rode it to work, 4 miles, no biggie, just to find it with a flat on Tuesday as I was getting ready to ride it back to work again in the pm. Rear tire at that as well. BUT, handy woman that I am, I fixed it! First I tried to fix the little tear, but that did not work since it was at a really bad spot so I got another inside tube for $7.50 and fixed it, another time. YEAY! Now it is fine! Whoop Whoop.

On another note, I was on national T.V. on Monday night. How exciting. I was really nervous, because originally I thought I had to do something else, but it turned out fine and everybody was really nice! Here is the segment:,0,5382606.story

So, that was fun. Now, it has been around 30°C in Dallas, TX and Champy has been really hot. He got a haircut. :-( His hair is really short now, but he can BREATHE. And it will grow out again and then he will be the little fur-ball again. All that hair that was cut off equalled ONE POUND less Champy on the scale. CRAZY! I bet he feels like it was a ton!

Cody got a short cut as well. She is used to it though. She has worn her hair that short before, but she sure did not like it as her face hair was cut and her nails. On another note, the other day I was craving my childhood public pool snack: Hannover Waffeln. So I went to the store and bought the overpriced, imported snack from my mother country.

Last weekend was date-night time on Saturday. Aaron and I went to "Ziziki's", which is an awesome Greek restaurant and then we went out with his friends. You can tell that it is close to S-U-M-M-E-R when I am wearing a short dress and heels to go out!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April, are you fooling me?!

So, since Cortney's baby shower was more of a diaper shower, I had to buy diapers - for the very first time in my life. Ahem. Let's just say it was an experience. Thank goodness I had one of my friends on the phone (thank you Laura) to help me out with the overwhelming assortment of different types and sizes of diapers and such. The diaper shower was so much fun and it was so good to see Chelsey, Cortney and Terry. Chelsey did an awesome job as a host!!!
I am going to be in Germany at the end of August till September 10th, and I plan on spending a lot of time with my family and close friends. If anyone wants to do something please let me know ahead of time so we can plan for it!
Greatest news yet: I am going to be a God-Mother this year. The due date for my God-daughter is August 30th, unfortunately, since I will be in Germany at the time, but she is going to be S-P-O-I-L-E-D!!! You know it! I am very excited!!
My mom's birthday is coming up in about two weeks and this year it should be celebrated double the time, for obvious reasons, as some of you know. Lately I miss my family a lot more, but I suppose that is only temporary. Till everyone is doing better, which will be soon!
Champy is growing so quickly, he is now 8.5 pounds. Aaron calls him "fat boy", bu
t he really just has a lot of furrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I am also planning a super surprise for my mom when I go to Germany, she is going to flip out!!!!
Saturday my car died on me after work. Awesome. Battery was dead. Thankfully I had some jumper cables in my trunk and someone was so nice to give me a jump so I could make it home after I grabbed something to eat. Dropped off the car on Sunday to get an oil change and a new battery, just to find out that the alternator was bad as well. Great. The total was gonna be $900. Yea right. I guess it comes in handy when your special someone knows a lot of people. Aaron helped me out and had someone fix it for me for like half the price. Thank you sir! That whole mess resulted in me ordering a bicycle for me to use. I love that thing already and I have not even been on it. It is purple with turquoise, so it just screams my name!!! I will post pictures as soon as I get it! I miss my Jassele beary much, and so does Champy!!!