Saturday, December 31, 2011


It is the last day of the year 2011.
2011 marked a lot of changes. I left the comfort of my established first job as a personal trainer and started over with a great company - still as a personal trainer, but on a way higher level. I stopped teaching group exercise classes. I learned a lot more about the fitness industry and studied a lot due to the new company, which offers classes for continued education. I got another tattoo with my Jasmin on our birthday. We both got the same thing. I also left the comfort of my Texas. That was a big one. I have started to like California now, but it was a struggle. Moving also meant starting over yet again with my job. Thanks to the great company I work for that was made easier than I thought, because I could just easily transfer locations. I went to Germany for two full weeks and "dropped off" my foster puppies. Roxy and Rocky were my little puppy projects for ten weeks and then they found new mommies in Germany in form of my sister Jasmin and my mom. I became a God-mother to a beautiful baby girl. Kali is my best friend's first child and she is adorable, a very happy baby. My car burned out in May and hence I got a new one. That was an experience I would not want to do all over. We went to Las Vegas for a wedding on 11.11.11. My parents booked their flight for their very first trip to the States. My aunt and uncle came by for a four-day-visit with their two girls during the summer time.
Here is my year in pictures.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

All I want for Christmas is.....

Figured I'd blog this month, too. 'Tis the Season for giving and love and cold weather.... I am in California, so drivers here are mean and it is not really cold, hehe he. I really miss my family and Christmas at my parents' house so I decided I'd go home next year for Christmas. My mom always buys a whole bunch of Christmas goodies for the Holidays and I cannot wait to eat it all. Last Sunday we had our company Christmas party and it was nuts. They rented out a club in downtown Hollywood and everybody from all the clubs in South California was invited, including the Sports Club L.A. peeps. There was so many people there, it was crazy! They had an open bar and food and great music! We had a lot of fun! Of course the party was the talk of Monday at work the next day. I cannot wait till 2012 and it is close! My parents will be here in April and I get to go to Germany for the holidays!