Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh dear holidays.....

'Tis the time of the year, when I really start to get sad and miss my family. December and Christmas and all that always makes me miss my family more because my mom and I used to cook together and make the Advent calenders and all that jam, it is just more family time around that time of the year. Last year my Jassele was about to come in a week, but not this year. This year it is just going to be Aaron & I, Champy, the beach and the palm trees, LOL. I have come to like California a little better now. Our condo is getting closer to become a home and I know my ways to work and back and know where I run my errands and all that. That makes a big difference, especially when I do not have to pull out my GPS for everything. The weather today is beautiful outside today - 81° F. Last night we walked(!) to a restaurant for dindin, that was great. Then we went out in Hollywood and saw Jack McBrayer from the show "30 Rock" and Chris D'Elia from "Whitney". They were just like non-TV-personalities, walking around, minding their own business. To me, that was a big deal, because they were the first "famous" people I have seen here since I moved here five weeks ago. Today, I talked to my parents and I am so excited, because they will be here before I know it. I mean, it is still not going to happen before April/May 2012, but they are SERIOUSLY coming to the States!!!! Jasmin might not be able to come next year though, but that is ok. I know I will be going to Germany for a little bit, probably ten days towards the middle of the second half of the year. Rocky is doing great - his stitches get taken out tomorrow. He was out of it for about two to three days, because he had been put under and because he was scared and so on, but now he is his old self, jumping around and squetching his toys till Jassele takes it away from him....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!!

Jen and Justin are married!!! Whoop! Congratulations! For that lovely event Aaron and I got to take a break from California this past weekend and made it to Las Vegas, Nevada, to share this bond for love with Stacie, Majik, Derrick, Brett and some other people, but most importantly Jen and Justin! We stayed at the Palazzo and the Vdara and had a great time with friends! The part I loved most about this group of people is that though it has been a while, it felt very intimate and there was a feeling of trust with the conversations that went on during the trip, that made it unforgettable. Overall, Las Vegas is Las Vegas and I think without anybody getting married there and requesting our presence I will not go there again really, but it was definitely worth going! I had a great time! On another note, Rockyli is getting snipped this coming Friday (poor baby) and he loves playing in and with the falling leaves. We wanted to go Dallas, Texas, for Thanksgiving, but it is not going to happen. Boooo! Tomorrow is my new club's 6th year anniversary party, so I think that is going to be a lot of fun. We changed the time last weekend and as the days get shorter and darker I start not liking this time of the year. It makes me want to lock myself in the apartment and just snuggle up with my Champy, hot chocolate and a blanket. Oh ya and Aaron would be nice too, haha. Christmas is close! Starbucks brought on their holiday cups on 11/01 and I had my first holiday cup drink in Las Vegas AND they even spelled my name right!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I love the invention of cruise control in my car!

Two weeks ago I was still packing up our apartment in Dallas with Amber and Kali. Though I have talked to Amber almost every day, I still miss her and Kali. I do hear her screaming requesting milk too. Well, I did start working at my new location last Thursday, on October 27th instead of on Monday because our pod was not supposed to get here till Monday. I figured since I would not have anything to move in and unpack I might as well go to work. Well little did I know...... Aaron surprised me with movers whom he had move our stuff from the pod to the new apartment on Friday. So, I could not not go to work. I did both on the weekend. I finished with the kitchen on Friday night, did the closet Saturday after work and the shoes Sunday after work. Halloween weekend, go figure. For the last three years I have always ended up doing the closet(s) on that weekend. Oh well..... A lot of the things at my new location at work are different. Others are the same. I do have to admit though, that I do miss my Preston Hollowers..... It's just a different vibe, and I am not judging, it is just different. On Thursday we are going to sin-city, Las Vegas. Justin and his Jen are getting married. That is my first trip to sin-city and I have no idea what to expect. The year is almost over, too and that means not too long and I will be one year closer to the 3-0. My little foster doggy babies seem to be doing great. Jasmin sends me plenty of videos and pictures of the little fur-monsters every day and I cannot believe how big they have gotten since I had to leave them in Germany.