Saturday, July 25, 2009

Viva La Vida!!! - or - I have the best boyfriend in the world! (And my sister and my dad are pretty awesome as well!)

So, the 80's party was not all that fun, I gotta admit unfortunately. I mean, I had tons of fun dressing up and the music and the food was awesome. It is just that not a lot of people actually showed up. But my costume rocked! Had Jasmin and some other friends cracking up on the webcam.
On Sunday we went to Frisco to see one of Aaron's friends. He had a barbecue and Aaron had not been to his house, so we went over there. We decided to go look at the other house, just to look. So, we went to the model home and there was a sales person, of course. To make a long story short, he tried to close a deal on a house on us that day. That guy even called Aaron back the next day to try again.... Wow.
On the 21st we went to the Coldplay Concert in Dallas. It was AWESOME!! Aaron got another "best boyfriend in the world"-award for it, because he got us tickets for the area right infront of the stage. We decided to move all the way back in that area, because there were integrated seats and I am pretty sure if we had remained right at the stage our necks and legs would have been hurting the next day. Coldplay did not play till like 9pm, but the African band before them rocked the house. They were awesome!
Other than that, nothing has really happened this week. Jasmin and I are working on a surprise for some people and I am really excited. I think she is more excited though ;-).
Today, there was a pool party at the apartments and it was not only for the residents, but for a lot of people, you had to be on the guest list though. It was ok. I am not thrilled at all about the amount of people that showed up, because I hate tight places like crowded pools, crowded concert areas or crowded airplanes, but a couple of people were there that made it funner.
My body is hurting, because I have been teaching too much plus working out and too little rest, but tomorrow I am absolutely gonna rest ALL DAY, or let's say most of the day ;-).
Jassel, I hope you can shut up about the surprise ;-) hehe he! Luv you!!! ♥

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have been in Texas for 5 months TODAY - or - Only in Texas......

.... do people pull over in the middle of the highway when it rains. OK, ok, ok. It actually poured, but I was really surprised. I am excited now about what is going to happen whenever it snows, if it does. So, that was my nonsense for last week.
Work has been going good. Slowly but surely. I sold my first training sessions today myself, so today is a good day. Today is exciting anyway, because five months ago on the day Aaron and I got here and I immigrated, so yeay! It seems so much shorter than five months actually, but it has almost been a half year. Wow.
My Zumba® Fitness classes are going extremely well and I have been subbing again within the last week, because I cannot say no to it! It is just so much fun teaching it! So, yesterday I had my regular class in the morning and then I subbed for Amy and went to bootcamp afterwards. I went to bed at 10pm and was knocked out fast! But that was also due to me being at work at 7am to see a member. And since I am trying to be superwoman, I also did some laundry and went grocery shopping. Had the day pass really fast like that. Oh well.
We had a pool party at the apartment this weekend again, but not many people showed up. It was ok, but Jasmin was not there, so I mean, you know, it would not have been fun anyway ;-).
Tut, Maik and the kids also came back, so we went to Mesquite on Friday night and Sunday night, so I could get my African food fix ;-).
What else?? Oh I got some more news, too. I passed my AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification. It was in the mail yesterday and I am really excited, because I thought I had not passed, but I got an 89 (%). So, yeay! (My German readers, das ist eine sogenannte B-Lizenz)
This Saturday, we have an 80's Party at the apartment and I am really excited, it is gonna be fun, fun, fun. But only half as much as if Jasmin was here! Miss you my sissy! I love you more than a fat kid loves chocolate!!!And that is A LOT!!!! xo ♥

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I survived the first week at my new full-time job!

Yeay! I made it! I am not thrilled, but I made it! I started my full-time job this past Monday and let's just say I am glad I made it through the week without freaking out. Every Monday there is a trainer meeting at 2pm and I was told to come to the meeting and then we would go from there. Thank godness I was early. There were no signs of organization. No employee number had been set up for me, no schedule (no, not even for THAT day) and I do not think my direct boss knew I was even coming. So, 2pm on the dot, let's all sit down at the big table. They just started and I had no clue in the world what was going on. "Oh yea, this is Romina, she is a new trainer and is going to start here today." That was at the end of the meeting. Oh yea, did I feel weird....... OK anyway, so we start the afternoon by looking in the plan what I could do..... Follow.... I was "sent" home three hours later because apparently there was nothing more for me to do and my boss had shown me everything there is to know. Oh well, made it to bootcamp that night, so that made me happy. Next morning I am there at 8am, had a couple of hours off during lunch time and went back at 3pm till 6pm. So, not so bad. Basically, the whole week I felt lost and out of control, and I like being IN control. Sometimes I was there and my boss was not, so I figured it out by myself. Which is exactly how it is going to be. It is more like I work for myself but for the gym. Which is nice, because once I have enough clients I can come and go as I please, as long as I do what I am supposed to do, like meet my quota and work with my clients in a safe and sufficient way. Tomorrow, on Monday I have my first real client. My boss got her for me. She is a senior citizen and has something going on with her hip, but I am confident! My boss asked me if I was comfortable with her, after I met her, and of course I am. I do not mind older people, they still have to work out in a safe way! And then later on I have my first orientation client, to whom I am supposed to sell training with me of course. So we will see.

This coming week I am teaching four Zumba® Fitness classes and last week I taught three. Two of my own and I had to emergency-sub, which was fine because I was at the gym anyway. So, this week, since I started teaching at Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center on Monday mornings and Wednesday nights, I am teaching four classes. My classes and then I have to sub on Friday, yeay!!!

So, slowly but surely I am getting there. These next couple of months I am gonna have to work a ton, but then it should be fine.
I got to celebrate my first 4th of July in the States this week, and Aaron and I went to see some fireworks!
I miss my Jassel though and I do not want her to be sad anymore! That is an order, girl! Cody and I miss you tons!!!!