Saturday, May 29, 2010

Neeeeeeew Yooooooork – Wait a minute…….

That’s not where I was supposed to go….. Germany was the final destination. Make that a capital WAS. Let’s go back. Thursday, May 27th, 5am. My alarm rings because I have a client’s ass to kick at the gym before I go on my 10.20am flight from DFW to JFK. 6am, I am training my client, finishing up my payroll and heading home. Shower time. 8.15am, we are on the way to the airport. I am calling the family to say see you later and so on. 8.50amish.We are getting to the airport. There is an idiot who is keeping the entire line waiting. He talks to the Delta attendant for another serious 45 minutes during which I have to wait. I am already thinking I am going to miss my flight to JFK. Ok, my turn. My flight is delayed to 11.07am, so we are good. I check in and tell Aaron bye bye and go to my gate after getting the obligatory airport coffee. I am on the blue list, which means I need to be cleared, because I was on stand-by. 12pm, still waiting on the f***ing plane. I am the last one to be cleared because some people already left. I was number 13. Phew. Another hour of waiting on the plane, because it needed to be “balanced”, which we all know was another bullsh*t excuse for what they were really doing. My flight to FRA from JFK is supposed to leave at 5pm local time. We touch down in JFK at 5.05pm. Another flight attendant and I are running to the new gate. Her husband is actually the captain of the plane and he said to run. Out of breath at 5.25pmish we make it to the gate to see the doors closed. Plane just left, they did everything they could. Alright, of course Aaron had plan B ready. Booked me a room at the Sheraton in NYC and one of his aunt’s friends picked me up. BUT…. Wait a minute. What about my suitcase? I go to DELTA baggage claim to find out if I can get it. Nope, because it never made it to JFK. Since I was on stand-by, and the last one to get on the plane my suitcase was sent to Detroit and from there to FRA. My suitcase made it to FRA on Friday at 9.30am. I just made it about two hours ago now, on Saturday May 29th, because I had to wait for 24 hours to hop on another flight from JFK to FRA. Oh sh*t, may be what some are thinking and I thought the same. Being stranded in NEW YORK CITY though for 24 hours is not really the worst thing in the world. The Sheraton hotel I stayed at is located on 53rd and 7th street in New York. So, like someone taught me very well, I made the best of the situation, but first I had to deal with booking agents who told me bullsh*t stories for about an hour or so. Orbitz told me I could change my flight from FRA to HAJ through Lufthansa after having been on the line with them for about 30 minutes. I call Lufthansa and that agent was really upset with the information that Orbitz had given me. He told me it was illegal for him to change my ticket, so I called Orbitz back. Another agent told me it would cost me $400 to change the flight so I said no. Plan A was getting to Frankfurt, acting like nothing happened and just going to Lufthansa and changing the flight. Plan B was the train. Plan C was my dad picking me up. Plan A worked. Yeay. I had to pay €50, but that’s ok. Back to Friday. I really did not sleep well at the hotel, so I got up around 8amish, talked to my parents who were obviously upset and assured them that everything was not as bad as it may seem. Took a shower after that and had some delicious breakfast right across the street from the hotel. (See pic.) After that I went on the hunt to find H&M, which I did. I was a little bit disappointed about the colors, but it is all good. I got some awesome steals and a shirt for my Jassele from NY. My ride was supposed to come get me at 2.30pm, but I decided to take the train to the airport, so I would not miss the flight again. In New York though everything was crazy. The streets are so crowded, and the chances are higher to catch someone that does not live there when you stop someone for a question than getting someone who does live there. Does that sentence make any sense at all? I am sorry. It is 10.25am FRA time and I did not get too much sleep. My flight is not leaving for another two-ish hours, so I figured I can pre-write. Well, at JFK I checked in, all by myself, since I did not have my suitcase and found my gate. Got the obligatory pre-flight coffee again and waited to be cleared. I ended up in business class, because someone knows how to make me happy. Seats were awesome. Very declineable, hehe he. I overslept dindin, but watched a movie after that. And one of the flight attendants woke me up for breakfast. Over all, so far everything worked out. My suitcase was ready and waiting for me in FRA and I am sitting at the gate. I will be in HAJ at 2pmish and then Sandy and Nicole’s house-warming party tonight. My German cell phone does not work, so ladies I am sorry. But please call the house for more information. More to follow soon!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


There is no smooth way to start this post. One of our friends, one of Aaron and Derrick’s old roommates passed away last Monday, May 17th 2010. No one really knows yet what exactly happened. But one thing is for sure: Baxter Odom’s life may seem too short to us, but there is a plan for him somewhere else now. His funeral was yesterday, May 24th 2010 and it was a really nice service. There were a lot of comforting words that were said which I hope comforted those in pain.

OK, another unsmooth change of topics…… cough cough…. I took the Aqua Zumba® certification workshop this past weekend in Lewisville with Tony Witt and it was awesome! It was my first ever aqua class, but it was really good. Interesting enough to say that you can get a full body workout in the water, with the water being your weights. It was very exhausting. I did not get lost on my way there, but coming back home I went the wrong way, hehe he. Sunday I had to run some errands for this coming week and now I am all set for you know what. ;-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

10 days and counting..... DOWN that is!

So this was a quiet eventfull week(end). Well, more or less really. The week was pretty much normal, work, work, work. Friday night Aaron and I watched a movie at home and Saturday was the second annual health fair at work, where I taught Zumba® Fitness in the morning (out of line), but not a lot of people showed up. Not a lot of people showed up, period, compared to last year. I guess it was not advertised enough, or people did not really pay attention. Plus, it was graduation weekend, so I am pretty sure people were out of town or at graduations to support their families. I was beat as I got off work, and actually wanted to get a pedicure, but there are no appointments available downstairs before you know what, so I probably will have to go some place else this time. Oh well. After work I went home, did the laundry and so on and then went to eat with the man. After that we got ready to go to Flower Mount to a house party. A friend of one of Aaron’s friends, or so, knew the host and also owner of the 1.5 million dollar house where the party was, so went too. Turned out the host “knew” Aaron after all as he introduced himself to him. (Here are some links to the pictures:,,, It was a nice party and I guess Dallas’ finest were there, but I was really …..well there are not any words really to say it, because I do not want to disrespect anyone. All of y’all who know what or who the true Dallas crowd is knows what I mean I guess, hehe he. After the party we went to Oumie’s Graduation party and it was around 2am now. We were just in time for the food and it was sooooo good! There were a lot of people and it was really fun. We were in bed by 4am, and I woke up at 8am and refused to get up. At 10 am I did get up but did not really wake up till like 3pm, I was napping on the couch the entire time. I still had to finish my laundry and write my training plans for work. Laundry got finished, the training plans I wrote today, but it is all good. We left to go to Garland at 5.30pm and stayed at the wedding till 9.30pm. Everybody was so pretty and I was glad to see that everyone from Germany made it here safely! Saturday is the Aqua Zumba® workshop with Tony Witt and I am so excited!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


YEAY!!! Aqua Zumba ® with Tony Witt. It seemed to be sold out, but now it is not, so I just registered! Now, Zumba® Fitness just needs to come up with the outfit, hint hint, cough cough, like a bikini or one-piece and some flip flops. That would be awesome and purchased immediately. Last week was another busy week at work, but Aaron was in town, so that helped. Actually he was not the whole week, but most of it, so my stress release was taken care of. I cannot wait for whatever happens in about two weeks and those of you who know know, hehe he. This week we have a Grand Opening at Gold’s Gym at White Rock Lake where I work as a Personal Trainer, so if you want to take care of an awesome special or just try out a class for free, please show up and ask for me! That would be great! My sister is back home till Friday I think to get pampered with her appendix scars and she will be back in Turkey after that. No work-outs for another four weeks though, but it could have been worse. This Sunday we have a wedding to attend and my girl should be getting here within the next two hours, so exciting!!! Got a cute dress this weekend with some help of Miss Sarah and it we found it super quick! Till then, I am off to work to kick some a**.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey there May, you came kinda quickly....

Wow, this year is going by so fast…. It is already May. Aaron did come back Monday, April 19th, but not till 11pm, so the good thing was that I could pick him up after a full day of work. Ever since work got really busy it has not really gotten any more “relaxing”. I have yet some more clients, so now I teach my Zumba® Fitness class Monday mornings at 9am and then Tuesday and Thursday I start training at 7am and Wednesday and Friday I start at 8am. I work till 8pm or 9pm every night except for Fridays. Saturdays mornings I do Yoga before work, as well as Thursdays at the gym. I wish I could do it more often, but I do not really have time, nor are there available classes at the times that I do have time. But it is all ok, twice a week is a must though. Aaron was in Miami with some of his guy friends last week and came back yesterday, on his birthday. I got him an “Edible Arrangement” and a relaxation package at the AVEDA Institute downstairs, his appointment is this Thursday. Then I took him out for dindin at “Sambuca” after I picked him up at the airport with some balloons, which he had no clue about. Over all it was a really good day yesterday and everything worked out well. Thursday Jasmin texted me that she was at the hospital after she had experienced some abdominal pain all evening. Friday she had her appendix removed. Once again, my parents did not know, so they were kind of upset, which is understandable, but they really could not have done anything, just like me, because we are not in Turkey. This month is going to be busy. Next weekend I am supposed to teach a Zumba® Fitness class Saturday morning at a school’s annual health fair, then the following weekend we have a health fair at the gym where I work at and Aaron and I have a wedding to attend. I am excited, because the girl that is getting married here is moving here from Germany. I used to work with her and she is getting here on the 10th of May. Then the next weekend I was going to take the Aqua Zumba® workshop, but it is all sold out, so I guess I am going to work and then…. Well, you will see ;-)