Tuesday, May 25, 2010


There is no smooth way to start this post. One of our friends, one of Aaron and Derrick’s old roommates passed away last Monday, May 17th 2010. No one really knows yet what exactly happened. But one thing is for sure: Baxter Odom’s life may seem too short to us, but there is a plan for him somewhere else now. His funeral was yesterday, May 24th 2010 and it was a really nice service. There were a lot of comforting words that were said which I hope comforted those in pain.

OK, another unsmooth change of topics…… cough cough…. I took the Aqua Zumba® certification workshop this past weekend in Lewisville with Tony Witt and it was awesome! It was my first ever aqua class, but it was really good. Interesting enough to say that you can get a full body workout in the water, with the water being your weights. It was very exhausting. I did not get lost on my way there, but coming back home I went the wrong way, hehe he. Sunday I had to run some errands for this coming week and now I am all set for you know what. ;-)

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