Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer of friendships

I suppose this will be a more bi-annual blog from now on since I get my butt to actually write every six months or so. 
fun evening with great friends
Mr and Mrs 
snap shot 
Anyway.... I went to Germany on my annual trip in April, not only but also to celebrate my mom's big 6-0. I think I left here about a week before her actual birthday and my flight was pretty pleasant (seat next to me was open, yeay!). Without any complications I made it to Hannover and my sister picked me up. Now, some of you might know that my sis and I have a tiny little obsession with unicorns - she brought me a huge balloon shaped as a unicorn to the airport. Actually, I should say Rocky did, because the balloon was tied to the poor fella. No idea how that happened. She dropped me off at my parents house and stayed for a little while. Next day my mom and I went shopping. I suppose that too will be a tradition from now on. Land and go shopping immediately the next day to make sure that is checked off the list and one can continue to enjoy their trip. So, we had my mom's birthday, Rocky and Roxy's birthday the next day and then I also got to meet one of my friend's daughter. Such a happy baby. Conveniently, they will be here in Los Angeles on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing them. My sister and I flew back to Los Angeles on the following Saturday morning, Rocky in tow. He did so well. On the way back my sister gave him a shirt I had slept in so he would not whine. He sometimes does that but since he did not whine at all on the flight to Cali we, well I, figured it had to be because his aunty (me) was there with him, hehe. I had so much fun with my sister here. We spent a total of about five weeks together with me being in Germany and then her being here. Her and I did not take a trip this time but we sure had a ton of fun times with the girls brunching, shopping and working out, climbing the Culver City stairs and of course her eating a German Curry Wurst at First Friday on Abbot Kinney. First Friday on Abbot Kinney happens every first Friday of the month and is pretty much a bunch of food trucks that line up on either side of the street and you can just eat there etc. The man and I have gone every first Friday since and we always miss her! Needless to say, saying "see you later" to her this time was incredibly hard. 
the ladies "plus"
I suppose this summer has also been the summer of friendship. I feel my sister and I have gotten a lot closer, so being physically so far away from her is very difficult at times. In times like that it is ever more awesome to have such a tight-knit group of girls supporting me, and the hubs of course. This summer our little group has become more tight than ever. We usually see each other outside of work a lot, on weekends. Going shopping, movies in the park, tanning at the pool and sending them off into the land where one does not have to line up to catch the bouquet at a wedding anymore because it them who are tying the knot. One of my girls got married two weeks ago and we threw her and awesome Bachelorette party and the wedding was just beautiful. I could not ask for a better group of friends!
Other than that summer of 2016 is just that. At work we usually see a drop during either of the months of June, July or August because clients travel during the summer too. 
Here are some more pics of the past six months or so....

mandatory photo with Roxy on the day I landed, representing

so many generations coming together on mom's bday, brother in the front, mom and my nephew and my grandma G.

foam rolling in MUC, Rocky did not want to miss out

back in Los Angeles, mandatory photo with his fave aunty

second-born little brother, youngest of all the fur-children

First Friday on Abbot Kinney with my favorites

I don't look excited at all, J ordering her Curry Wurst, in GERMAN!

"the night before"...... she left the next day

"Movies in the Park" with my ladies, became kind of a tradition this summer too

First Friday sans J

Movies in the park with Brittany's "pillow"

Lindsey and I all bundled up at movies in the park

my girls in Germany at our traditional brunch whenever I am in town