Saturday, December 20, 2008

My interview 12/19/08

7.15am arrival @ U.S. consulate in Frankfurt
7.35am got number, show passport
go through security
7.45am show # and sit down in designated area, wait
8.10am my number is called --> counter # 1
turn in passport and picture
counter # 2
pay fees
8.30am counter # 3
turn in and show original documents and copies in designated order
get directions for activation flight
directions for further procedure
"everything's fine"
9.10am counter # 4
"Why? Where? What?"
9.24am drive to doc's office for medical
get #
fill out papers
pay fee
turn in urine, blood and x-ray
examination (questions, check of lungs, eyes)
11.15am drive back to Hannover