Monday, April 20, 2009

I got my social security card - finally!!!

YEAY, I finally got my social security card in the mail on Friday - made my day!!! Other than that nothing has really happened, but now I can finally open up my bank account, get my Texas I.D. and my Texas driver's license! Time to make some money, baby!
This weekend we had a barbecue at Tut's (Aaron's aunt) house for O.J.'s (Aaron's Mom) birthday. That was fun. Also, Tut's son Ken plays soccer and we went to his game. Imagine a handful of four-year-olds on a mini soccer field, who do not know what the heck they are doing.... It was so funny!!!! They lost though. Ken scored one goal - for me, since I am his girlfriend. He even broke up with Hawaii (Aaron's other aunt), so he could be with me, lol.
On Saturday night we went to my first Gambian Party. It was a late Easter Party and let me tell you, they can do things with their butts...... oh boy...... I have never seen that....
So, this week I have a lot of organisational stuff to do and then Aaron is going to Las Vegas on Sunday. I'll be home alone for three days, but maybe that is good for us ;-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I have the best sister and the best boyfriend in the world!!!!

Wow, it's been a little while, huh? Where do I start?
Last week was.... well, I was a Debbie Downer most of the time and I cannot even tell you why. I just do not know. BUT my sister finally booked a flight and she will be here ALL OF JUNE!!! Whoopa! So, we are going to do the toning workshop together, which is going to be AWESOME!!!! And then I am working on a super-duper surprise for her and she is going to meet all of our friends here and family and it is just going to be the best time ever!!!! So all of that was Friday.
Monday was a whole different story. Jasmin talked to her boss that day and she said no to our plan of her coming at the end of May, so we were both Debbie Downers. Aaron did not know what the hell to do to cheer me up, but he really, really, really tried really, really, really hard! On Tuesday we went to get some dindin and he stopped at the "Cheesecake Factory" to get me some Key Lime Pie. I had been wanting that since Friday night and he surprised me with it to cheer me up. It was really, really, really delicious! Jasmin, you totally have to try it, it is just delicious!
So then we passed this huge German shephard and I saw a sign that said: "Puppies for sale". Now, people that know the boyfriend know that he is a dog-lover. You should have seen his face as he saw the pups. They were really cute. Half shephard and half pitbull. One boy, eight girls. We picked up the boy and played with him. Aaron wanted to get him right there, but wanted to make sure with the apartment that they were going to let us have him. So he asked and called the guy back the next day, but the number was disconnected. On Thursday as Aaron picked me up from teaching my ZUMBA® Fitness class he said that that guy had called. We picked up the pup the next morning. To make a long story short, we gave him back yesterday because in an apartment like ours right now it is not really good to have a dog that is going to be huge, so we are just going to wait a little bit. And Aaron wanted get a German shephard from Germany anyways.
Cody was a total bitch with him. She was all excited as we came back and first did not see the puppy and was jumping up and down just like normally. As she saw him however, she stopped dead in her track. It was so funny!! She started barking and growling and really did not stop. Oh well, I guess she won.
Today I subbed for Amy again and class was fun. I started a new playlist last week, well I did half old and half new and did all new today. The members liked it and I got some compliments for it today. So yeay. To me it seems really different from the last playlist so I was a little scared they would not like it, BUT they said they love all the abs-stuff.
I just cannot wait to see my sister. It will be so much fun! She sent a package for us today and we are going to send one this week, too. My mom's birthday is soon and Jasmin needs her American candy, hehe he. ♥