Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get those jeans back out the closet, it is fall!!!

Fall is here… Bummer. I wanted the summer to stay. Well I guess after all it is not that bad, because it still like 85 or 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is going to be a really long day. It is gonna start at 6am at work and then I will get off at 7pm. Fun times. I am playing with the thought of taking this coming Saturday off as well as Sunday. Just because I think I deserve it after having worked Monday through Saturday for three months now and because this coming week is really stuffed. Cody took another bath today. She sure did not want to get in the bath tub, but then she gave in and let me clean her, hehe he. Last night we went to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer benefit party at the apartments. It was nice to get dressed up, but that was the most exciting thing for the evening. Besides the delicious chocolate dessert things before we left. Other than that, it was just another week here in Dallas, TX.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's dance in the rain!!!!

I still cannot believe Aaron and I are engaged, but I guess I am gonna have to ;-). This past week has been kind of crazy. I had a lot of cancellations at work, which is fine, because I had to sub some Zumba ® Fitness classes, all combined I taught five classes this week. My shins are hurting like crap, and I have been using a foam roller at work to take the pressure off but this morning I could barely walk, it was that bad. What does the doctor order with that kind of stuff? Rest! Which I did today after work. I was at work today at 6am, had a successful day again (sold training, I sold a lot of training yesterday, too :-D), subbed a Zumba® Fitness class at Baylor at 12noon, went back to work and called it a day at 3pm. First I could not relax, but then finally around 6pmish I went to Lala-Land to get some shut-eye. Last Saturday they had the event at the new D.A.R.T. station downtown at Baylor. We were supposed to do some Zumba® there, but it was raining. So I texted and called the lady in charge and it was still taking place. Even though not a lot of people showed up, we still had an awesome time dancing in the rain. The few people that were there had fun watching us and Andrea and I had a blast. I tried to find some pics, but I guess they have not released them yet. We were soaked after the demo, but it was so much fun! It has rained all week in Texas and I am really ready for some sun. I need it, because the rain is starting to get to me. The other day I was sitting in the car to pick up Aaron and I was listening to Coldplay and all of a sudden I got really sad. L This weather makes me think of Germany so much, because usually it is like this in October over there. Like icky weather, you do not want to go outside and just stay in all day…. Cody had a major accident the other day, so we had to throw away all her stuff, like her little pillow and so on, but before that she proved that she is a really smart doggie. One of those mornings I took her out too late and she had to go really bad. So she pooped in her cage. BUT (!) she covered it up with one of Aaron’s shirts she had in there. Aaron had thrown it over her some days ago after he came back from the gym and she had kept it. So, she covered up her poop with that shirt and the pillow she had. Of course I had to throw it all away after that. The bigger mess happened that night around 5am, and I did not even hear her bark, so Aaron cleaned it up. Well, she is doing tons better now, so we are all happy!!! Even auntie Jasmin! ;-)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Aaron and I are engaged!!! I got requests for details, so here we go. Yesterday was 9-09-09, so Aaron had planned it all. Last week he told me we were gonna have dinner on Wednesday night. So I asked with whom, and he said with us. OK, works. I worked yesterday and taught my Zumba ® Fitness class at Baylor and went home. I took a shower and of course I did not know what to wear, because Aaron did not tell me where we were going and said I could wear whatever I wanted. So I put on a new dress my mom bought me in Germany. At last, Aaron told me we were gonna go to Rockwall, TX. That seemed a little far for only a dinner, but ok. For those of you who do not know, but they have a lake there with lights and so on and it is really romantic at night, they even have a light house. So anyway, we had dinner at Gloria’s, which was really good and then went for a walk. Aaron had brought his camera, which I found odd, but since it is working again I did not think anything of it. We went towards the lake and just walked. He had suggested we should take some pics at the lake later so that is what we planned to do. There is a couple nice spots around there so we decided for the light house area. Fortunately there was another couple just about to leave. They were standing a little farther away from where I had sat down. Aaron went over to them and asked them to take a picture of us, I could not hear anything they said, but the girl seemed awkwardly excited to just take a picture after Aaron had talked to them now that I think about it. So I got up and Aaron told me he had to tell me something. So he said he loved me and I said it back. And also he had to give me something. He had the box with the ring in his back pocket the entire time while we were having dinner. He got the box out of his pocket, went down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I was speechless, but I did say YES!!!! After that we went to Tut’s house to tell them because it was on the way and they were all excited. I called Jasmin on the way there and she knew!!!!! Aaron had shown her the ring as she was here and he had planned a long time ago. We had gone out to dinner on purpose the Wednesday before I left to go to Germany, so I would not suspect anything yesterday! That’s what I heard, at least! Anyways, I could not be happier!!!