Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get those jeans back out the closet, it is fall!!!

Fall is here… Bummer. I wanted the summer to stay. Well I guess after all it is not that bad, because it still like 85 or 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is going to be a really long day. It is gonna start at 6am at work and then I will get off at 7pm. Fun times. I am playing with the thought of taking this coming Saturday off as well as Sunday. Just because I think I deserve it after having worked Monday through Saturday for three months now and because this coming week is really stuffed. Cody took another bath today. She sure did not want to get in the bath tub, but then she gave in and let me clean her, hehe he. Last night we went to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer benefit party at the apartments. It was nice to get dressed up, but that was the most exciting thing for the evening. Besides the delicious chocolate dessert things before we left. Other than that, it was just another week here in Dallas, TX.

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