Monday, October 5, 2009

Really? - Really!!!

Urgh, I hate this foggy soup. This morning as I went downtown to teach my class at Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center I could not even see like 15 feet. All the tall buildings were covered in fog! FOG!!!! URGH!!! I also realized though that I am really here, like REALLY!! I have a job, I have a great second family and I have a great man by my side. BUT… I miss my German family and friends. I hate this season of the year so much, because it makes me so sad. This weather is so depressive. I just want to stay home and cuddle up under a blanket and sleep all day. Alright, that was the negative side of this post, now…… We are looking for my very first car – EVER! It is going to be a VW (of course, gotta support my peeps) Beetle. We have found some, but have not decided yet. We have looked at some and sat in a couple and they are soooo cute. The first thing I am gonna do when I get it is get some things to girlify it, hehe he. And then I am gonna put Cody in there and see what she says. ;-) That’s gonna be so much fun!

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