Wednesday, October 21, 2009

80 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny :D - 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rain :(

Yup, that is how it goes here in Texas – one day it is nice outside and the next one you wake up to rain, rain and more rain. Or you get that change within one day. Nice in the morning, rainy in the afternoon. But that’s ok, I already knew that before I moved here. Anyway, other than that let’s see what else is new. Aaron and I are moving to a smaller apartment at the beginning of next month, so if anyone needs the new address text or email me please. We found a car for me and are fixing to buy it, pictures will follow as soon as we pick it up. Work is going great, I have managed to have a nice lunch break every day now and not have sessions all spread out through the day now, so that is great. Zumba ® Fitness is going awesome as well. I have another audition coming up on November, 5th, details will follow as soon as I get the job. Cody’s Halloween costume is gonna be super-awesome, picture here will follow also! Last week I had a really bad week. It rained here constantly and nothing was going how I wanted it. I missed my family and friends in Germany a lot, but my support team here really helped me get through it. Even Cody came to give me a hug :D. Also, I was really sad that I cannot make it to my sister's good-bye-party, but as it turns out she had to cancel it anyway, due to some more travelling for the new job before the official start. I REALLY hope she is gonna like my surprise. ;-) I am hoping to be able to go see my family soon again, but probably not this year anymore. Other than that, I am living my normal life here at my American home in Dallas, TX, USA. (By the way, in the video, at the very end, you can see the ring Aaron got me!)

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jasmin said...

so...what kind of surprise will that be???!!! I am so excited!!!
miss ya tons, hopefully we see each other in germany AND in the states next year....definetely in the states - already promised that ;-