Saturday, October 31, 2009

It is done!!!

Finally. I just got done with Aaron’s side of the closet. The last two things to unpack are two suitcases packed with books and DVDs. So, I am gonna have to wait, because there is nothing I can put it on. Oh, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I dressed up as a Zumba® Fairy at work on Thursday and Cody was a pumpkin. Other than that…. No party, no trick or treating, nothing scary. Aaron is in Austin and my auntie is sick. But that is ok, I am tired anyway. Tonight we are changing clocks, so my American readers, do not forget to turn them back one hour before you go to sleep, so in the morning you will know what time it really is. ;-) I got my new Zumbawear® this week too and it is soooo cute. The little earrings are super-awesome and everything else is, too. Aaron sent Jasmin’s package today, so she’ll have her package on Tuesday, but my mom has to give it to her and she won’t see her till Friday. So Miss Jasmin has to be a little more patient this week. I put a little surprise in there for her too. Wednesday we went to the “So you think you can dance”-tour. We got tickets at the door and they were surprisingly good. I enjoyed it so much and the show made me miss dancing. I am gonna go every time they come to Dallas now, I do not care with whom! Hopefully Jasmin will be here one of those times! That would be awesome!! The last three days we have been moving and I even got up early today to go to bootcamp, finally! I did my laundry and baked some banana bread and Isis and Lee came by. Josh and Rona got their share as well, I hope they liked it ;-). Two more months till the year ends, wow. Next week I plan on finally getting my driver license, it only depends on my schedule, whenever I have enough time. But I need to get it. I have lived here almost nine months now, have been driving since April, but never got my license. It is ok for a year as long as I have my visa and my European license on me, but after one year I have to have it! Jasmin is gonna move to Switzerland in three weeks. Time passed faster than I thought. She is sooooo excited. Hopefully I can visit her at one of the resorts she is gonna work at. That would be cool! And she is all geared up now too. New Zumbawear® on the way and literature for the long drive, too!!! Cody and I are gonna cuddle now and then it is off to bed in a little bit ;-).

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jasmin said...

i want to kuddle with both of you ;-) RIGHT NOW!!!!