Sunday, September 13, 2015

You can take the German out of Germany but a little German candy ain't never hurt nobody

So, I am sure most of us have said to ourselves "I will do that next weekend." Thing is, that weekend comes and goes and you never do that thing. That's exactly what happened to this blog here.
Anyway, let's see here... After my mom guessed my super surprise for my dad (that I was going to Germany for his 60th in March) we planned accordingly and it was hilarious. I went for about a week and my dad had no idea. My sister picked me up and I spent the night at her house, texting my dad "happy birthday" in the morning after we woke up ("from L.A.") and told him I was going to bed and I would call later. He totally bought it. We got ready and Mara dropped us off at the location. He almost had a heart attack as he saw us. He thought he was dreaming. Of course there might have been a tear or two, priceless. The party was awesome and I drove my parents home late that night and spent the rest of my stay pretty much with them. We also had some planning to do for the next time I was coming to Germany. Fast forward to that next time - May 2015, the wedding. I was lucky enough to be able to bring my bridesmaids' dresses to Germany in March as I went because I could not have carried on three gowns for sure. I had rolled the girls' dresses up (like the nice lady at the bridal store had advised) and stuffed them in my carry-on, just to be safe. My gown....... now, that was something else. Layers of tulle, and tulle and tulle and then those thingies that hold up the corset of the dress that don't really roll?! Yea, that was a little scary. Either way: took it out of the dress bag, turned it inside out (!), folded it in half and rolled it up, put it back in bag and stuffed it in the carry-on, crossed my fingers TSA wouldn't wanna open it. Phew, they didn't want to open mine, but the hubs was there too. That's another story though that is his to tell. Anyway, other than our very important attire we also had the pups with us. Our airline made it more difficult than they really had to for us to take them with us without any problems but since we weren't rushing to catch multiple planes we didn't mind to wait on the plane, ready to go, for the flight attendant to "make sure" everything was ok - for about 30 minutes while every single passenger was probably getting pissed at us and my seat neighbor recorded the entire thing on his smart phone, ready to post it on some social media to make sure our rights were not hurt. Eventually we made it, sans bags. I had packed all my important attire (shoes, dress, veil etc) in my carry-on as mentioned, the man had not. We went to report it and by the time we got home the awesome people at the airport had already located our bags and let us know we could pick them up after the last flight of the day landed or wait for them to deliver it the next day. Hubs was meeting Al the next morning so my super dad and I went back to the airport at 10:30pm or so to make sure the man had some clothes for the shenanigans that were planned ahead. I dropped Al and the hubs off at the train station the next day and went on with my plans - traditional brunch with my ladies (those who could make it). My best friend had made sure to deliver her baby that week so she could attend our big day and she made a surprise cameo with the entire gang as well. That made my day. She also came to the airport in March to greet me and on this specific day it was her birthday. I saw her again a couple of times other than at the wedding. Elli and my Maid of Honor Mara are two of the few girls in Germany I can always count on and that always make time for me. Ok, moving on, my sis came to pick me up Friday midday to schlepp all things "wedding" to her house, since us girls were spending the day and night there. That day (Friday) we met the boys back in Hannover after they wanted to miss their train but that didn't work out and had to come back home. We put them on he next train to my parents house, while the rents were at the venue decorating. The man showed my neighborhood the the guys while walking the doggies and they had a great night full of entertaining and drinking and eating with my parents. The next morning I received a text from my soon-to-be that I had to call my mom, because he couldn't get out of bed because his back was out. Called my mom. Mom panicked a little. Called the doc. Doc came to the house. Man gets shot and pain killers. Everyone realizes they're running late and hurry up and it all worked out well. Meanwhile, I had not showered yet and the ladies for our hair and make up show up, an hour earlier than anticipated. We hurried and it all worked out of course. The wedding venue was perfect. My parents and the planner Vicky did such an awesome job, I wouldn't have changed a thing. We had a great time. A couple of days later the happy couple (us) went to Greece for our honeymoon. At first disappointed about the hotel we really liked it and enjoyed some boat rides, crazy car rides, Greek food, beach horse rides and sunsets on the beach. 
It was a little rough to get back in the groove of things here in Los Angeles after being gone for three weeks almost. Now, a little more than three months later, I think it is safe to say that we are both a little home sick. The husband made some comfort food for us the other day and I went to a store today to buy some Germany goodies for us (picture below). I cannot wait for my parents to get here. It will be so great.  This time they're staying for my birthday.
Dad and his girls

Rocky helping mom with wedding prep

New ink I got on our American wedding anniversary

Dad walking me down the aisle

my favorite pic

fun card ride across the island in Greece

bestest ice cream ever in Turkey

beach horses

German Goodies