Monday, March 30, 2009

Saddy Sad or Harold Happy???

Sooooooo, I really miss my sister!! Surprise! We have been talking to each other every day either on the phone or through the webcam, but it is not the same.
Wednesday night Aaron and I went to the Mavs game at the American Airlines Arena and it was so awesome. The not-so-awesome-part was that I had to get my glasses out of my purse, so I could see well, even though we were sitting like five or six rows up, so really close. It was a good game.
On Thursday I had a really bad "I miss my sister"-day. The ZUMBA® toning workshop was posted online, so I could book it. I had told Jasmin about it, that it would be in Waxahachie in June and she said I could not go, because we started the whole ZUMBA® Fitness hype together. I did not know what to do, because I can really make some money with it, teaching some more classes and what not and it is the first one in the south. Anyway, I went to talk to Aaron. He advised me to still book it and then Jasmin and I could talk about it. I booked it and wrote her an email saying that I was really saddy waddy and that maybe she could try to be here for it still.
Friday, 9am, phone rings. It is Jasmin. She was all excited and told me to get out of bed and to switch on my computer and to check my email. I was like what's going on? So she figured since she has some vacation time left she could come here for the workshop. She was going to stay here for two weeks and leave the day after the workshop. We had it all figured out. Wrote her boss an email together on the webcam, found a cheap-a** flight and she planned everything for people to cover her shift. Hmm, nice. Today she had a meeting and her boss told her infront of everyone that it was not going to work, because she did not think she was able to find people to cover her shift. HAHA. Seriously?? She stilll has like eight weeks and my sister's team has her back. So, from high to low. I am sad.
New plan. Jasmin talked to my parents and we decided on something that I cannot tell yet. It is a secret till she talks to her boss. We will see then and hopefully then I can start being really excited!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Let the world be green, or white?!?!

Yeay, I made it through the week. It was so much fun, but with all those squats I do in my warm-ups my hams started to ache on Thursday night after my last official ZUMBA® Fitness class. On Friday I took the day off. No classes, no working out at the house.
I had a date - with the sister!!!! But, nice oh nice, internet went down! Crap. I was really looking forward to our webcam-session, because Jasmin had some girls over and it would have been so much fun to see them as well. :-(
Classes last week went awesome though. On Wednesday after the night class the group exercise director asked me if I wanted a permanent class on Friday morning at LOA. I told her I would think ab0ut it, because I am tired of Aaron having to drive me around. I want to drive myself.
Well, happy news!!! ( --> "happy news": news that make me happy) I finally got my permanent resident card in the mail. It is white..... not green.....!!!! The social security card is still not here though. Should be though within this to three weeks. URGH. I hate waiting!!!
Saturday, Amy's and my ZUMBA® Fitness demo went awesome! It was at 12noon and if you were not there you missed out on a free class, HAH! It was super hot and I got a nice little sunburn on my shoulders which hurts like crap, but I guess I had to get branded in 2009. Anyway, I asked Aaron today what he thought of me teaching, since he had never seen me teach (I know!!), so he said he has never seen me more confident. Awesome? AWESOME!!
Sunday's choreo jam at Heather's place in Red Oak was super awesome, too. Thank you ladies for the cool day and thanks again Juli for giving me the ride!!
So, overall a fun week, but I still cannot wait for Jasmin to come to Dallas. We will figure things out, girl, and then you will be here sooner than you might want! :-) LOL Luv u bunches and RAWR

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ZUMBA® Fitness week here we go

Another week has passed. I changed my address for the USCIS, so they can start sending my things here, or anything that is.
This week is Spring Break, so I am subbing Amy's ZUMBA® Fitness classes. Well, three of the four she teaches. Monday night was fun. Class was only 45 minutes so I took a body pump class afterwards, which was awesome. One of our friends is starting a 5-week-bootcamp-challenge this coming Monday and Aaron is doing it. I would really love-love-love to do it, too, but since I do not have my SSN still I do not have the money for it right now. But I could sure need that extra kick in my not so much maintained perfect a$$ these days. I will get there eventually. I have been doing ZUMBA® Fitness at least three, if not four times a week since I have been here, so I guess I am just really picky with myself.
Anyway, this morning I subbed ZUMBA® Fitness at 9am, urgh. I really start to dislike morning classes, because I feel like I do not have enough energy to really pump it up. I do a waaaaay better class at night. Tonight at 6pm, same procedure. ZUMBA® Fitness baby, all the way. And then my regular class tomorrow night. Saturday we have a grand opening at the gym where Amy and I both teach and we are doing a demo together at 12noon. Hopefully a lot of people will show up and I already know Amy and I are gonna rock that demo!
Sunday, Heather is holding a Dallas choreo jam, which should be super-fun. I missed the last one, because we were not here yet, so I am super-excited to meet all the other ZUMBA® Fitness Instructors from the Dallas area and network and so on.
This passed weekend we went out with a bunch of guys. It was Saint Patrick's Day on Tuesday, so there was a parade on Saturday, which we missed btw, and then everybody went out at night if they had not crawled to bed at 8.30pm due to too much green beer ;-D.
It was a lot of fun, though the females could have used some more support. Ladies, I do not mind at all going out with a bunch of guys, aka the personal bodyguards, but you do not have to sit at home just because your man is drunk and out of control or passed out on the carpet at that :-D. We still had fun and it really paid off to have the personal bodyguards. We actually did go to the bar strip on Greenville though in the afternoon. They had like a gate set up there through which only people age 21 and up were let through after showing their I.D.. So, since I do not have my Texas I.D. yet I showed my German I.D.. That "security guy" actually thought it was fake and did not want to let me get in there. I thought he was kidding me. He said he did not know how all the European I.D.s looked like and that he had never seen that one before. Seriously. I told him I was 25 years old and he wanted to see my passport. I said I did not have it on me, since my visa is in there and that I certainly would not carry that around in a crowd of drunk people and that my I.D. was the same thing that is in my passport. Man, I tell you.... Miss Goody-Two-Shoes a fake I.D.?? HA!!
On Monday I got me my Tassimo coffee machine - to have some of my German home in my American home. Originally I had planned to get it as a reward for my first paycheck, but we had a 20%off coupon for the store which was only valid till the 23rd of March. I told my Dad about it and he actually said, awesome Dad that he is, that I should buy it for Aaron and I and he will put the money in my German account as an early Easter present. Isn't he the most awesome Dad ever? So, now I get to enjoy my favorite kind of coffee, that my awesome Dad actually introduced me to, and so will he whenever he decides to come visit me in my new home. Can't wait!!! Miss you all! Dad, Mom, Sandy and Nicole ...... AND ESPECIALLY MY JASSEL!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to survive 11 days without internet and cable?? I do not know how I did it, but I did it!

Finally, we are back online. Woo hoo!! Yesterday the guy from at&t came by and set up the internet in Aaron's and mine apartment. This morning he had to come by again to set up the cable, so we can finally catch up with the world. I am happy now! Now we are all set.
So since I have been waiting for my social security card for over three weeks I decided to call the USCIS on Tuesday. At the consulate I was told it takes three weeks at the most and that I was supposed to call if I do not receive it by then. So I tried to call the number I was given at the consulate and that took forever. I was really pissed because the machine voice asks for a social security number even when you say you are calling for a new number for an adult or a child. So, if you do not type it in the phone you basically get disconnected, but you cannot give one as a reference if you do not have one yet, can you?!? Oh well, I figured it out somehow and they told me it takes up to eight weeks, so I was pissed. Last week I received a welcome notice from the USCIS with a tracking number, so I thought I call them to find out about some status. That woman did not even understand what I wanted to know. I told her that I immigrated on February 14th and she asked when I applied for the visa. I was like, are you kidding me??? I explained to her that I had already received my welcome notice and all that and that I was wondering about the status of all my stuff. Then she got it as I told her I got a tracking number and asked if she could check the status. Then within three seconds she told me that it has not been processed. And for all that I spent like 30 minutes on the phone....
So, now I am still waiting on my SSN, so I can finally get a job, a bank account, my license and all that other American stuff....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Checking email at Starbucks - or - It is about that damn time that we get internet at our apartment!!!

I am sitting at Starbucks on Greenville in Dallas, TX right now. We still have no internet at our apartment. We moved there last Sunday, so over a week ago and I am really starting to be bored at the house. I am almost through with all the DVDs we have and we do not have cable yet either. I am really not going to get my book out of the bedroom and start reading in the living room!! It is not that bad. Yet.
But our first apartment is great. It is on the 12th floor and the view is awesome. Last week we got the new couch and the TV was put on the wall. Perfect set-up, just no cable..... I have already cooked in the kitchen and so has Aaron.
My Dad's birthday was on Saturday and I talked to everyone who was there. It was really kind of weird, but oh well. I sent a package to Germany with stuff for Jasmin, a present for my brother's birthday and a card for my Dad and they were thrilled, awesome!!! Sounds like everyone is doing well.
My social security card is still not here, so that means I still have to wait to go out there and get a real job. That is really bugging me!!! I need to call and find out as soon as we have the phone set up at the place. Just two more days and I will be reconnected with the world.... .....