Monday, March 30, 2009

Saddy Sad or Harold Happy???

Sooooooo, I really miss my sister!! Surprise! We have been talking to each other every day either on the phone or through the webcam, but it is not the same.
Wednesday night Aaron and I went to the Mavs game at the American Airlines Arena and it was so awesome. The not-so-awesome-part was that I had to get my glasses out of my purse, so I could see well, even though we were sitting like five or six rows up, so really close. It was a good game.
On Thursday I had a really bad "I miss my sister"-day. The ZUMBA® toning workshop was posted online, so I could book it. I had told Jasmin about it, that it would be in Waxahachie in June and she said I could not go, because we started the whole ZUMBA® Fitness hype together. I did not know what to do, because I can really make some money with it, teaching some more classes and what not and it is the first one in the south. Anyway, I went to talk to Aaron. He advised me to still book it and then Jasmin and I could talk about it. I booked it and wrote her an email saying that I was really saddy waddy and that maybe she could try to be here for it still.
Friday, 9am, phone rings. It is Jasmin. She was all excited and told me to get out of bed and to switch on my computer and to check my email. I was like what's going on? So she figured since she has some vacation time left she could come here for the workshop. She was going to stay here for two weeks and leave the day after the workshop. We had it all figured out. Wrote her boss an email together on the webcam, found a cheap-a** flight and she planned everything for people to cover her shift. Hmm, nice. Today she had a meeting and her boss told her infront of everyone that it was not going to work, because she did not think she was able to find people to cover her shift. HAHA. Seriously?? She stilll has like eight weeks and my sister's team has her back. So, from high to low. I am sad.
New plan. Jasmin talked to my parents and we decided on something that I cannot tell yet. It is a secret till she talks to her boss. We will see then and hopefully then I can start being really excited!!!!!

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