Monday, March 9, 2009

Checking email at Starbucks - or - It is about that damn time that we get internet at our apartment!!!

I am sitting at Starbucks on Greenville in Dallas, TX right now. We still have no internet at our apartment. We moved there last Sunday, so over a week ago and I am really starting to be bored at the house. I am almost through with all the DVDs we have and we do not have cable yet either. I am really not going to get my book out of the bedroom and start reading in the living room!! It is not that bad. Yet.
But our first apartment is great. It is on the 12th floor and the view is awesome. Last week we got the new couch and the TV was put on the wall. Perfect set-up, just no cable..... I have already cooked in the kitchen and so has Aaron.
My Dad's birthday was on Saturday and I talked to everyone who was there. It was really kind of weird, but oh well. I sent a package to Germany with stuff for Jasmin, a present for my brother's birthday and a card for my Dad and they were thrilled, awesome!!! Sounds like everyone is doing well.
My social security card is still not here, so that means I still have to wait to go out there and get a real job. That is really bugging me!!! I need to call and find out as soon as we have the phone set up at the place. Just two more days and I will be reconnected with the world.... .....

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