Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here is to the wedding season

Tomorrow is Asa and Dan's big day - they are getting married. I am so excited for them! Two weeks ago we picked up my new car, a black Volkswagen GTI, which is super fast. I am sure I will get a speeding ticket in this car eventually, it is just so much fun to drive in it - fast. 91 days and I will be back in Germany for two weeks. I cannot wait. I miss my sister, mom and dad and my brother so much. And the food...... Don't even get me started..... In two months though my uncle and aunt will be here with their two kids and that is going to be exciting as well, the kids have never been here. My aunt and uncle were here like 15 years ago or so and drove through the country, which they plan on doing this time also. Such a great opportunity. Champy is the same hyperactive doggie. His birthday is coming up soon. Lately I have met a lot of new people at work who mostly ask me how long I have lived in the States and it truly amazes me that it has been two years and almost four months. Not really that long if you really think about it. I do know though, though I miss my family and some of the foods in Germany, I love living my dream - living in the United States of America. Living and working here. Just being here. Last Tuesday we had a Tornado touch down in Irving, about 30 minutes from here, which was crazy, because Aaron and I watched the sky from the living room and everyone else went to find shelter, hehe he. Nice experience, but we do not need to repeat that. Other than that, we finallly got some patio furniture and I was blessed with about twenty mosquito bites after having sat out there for about 30 minutes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I know that Karma is a bitch, but this is getting ridiculous

Also, I do not think I deserve all this. Karma always comes back to you, but I did not do anything that would justify all this.
Well, let's start at the beginning. Aaron came back into town late, booooo. Then he had to work the next four days leading up to his birthday and on his birthday. For his birthday dindin the night before his birthday I had made dindin reservations for a bunch of people at Dragonfly at Hotel Zaza. Let's just say it was not what we anticipated it to be. After that the plan was to go to "Rio", which we did but Derrick and I told Aaron "Happy Birthday" in the car, since we did not make it to the club before a little after midnight. No biggie. We took a seat at the table and had a fun night. The place was a little overcrowded, but it was fun. We got home at 3am and Aaron had to be at work at 9am on his Birthday. I brought him "Sprinkles Cupcakes" before I went to go look at the puppies at Amber's house. Later that night I took Aaron out for his birthday dindin, which was delicious!
Wednesday morning, 3.45am. My phone keeps on ringing with a local but to me unknown number, so I do not answer it. 4am. Knocking on the door, repeatedly. Aaron gets up to check who is at the door and comes back laughing to the bedroom. "There has been an incident with your car and we need to come downstairs to check it out.". Huh??? So, here is what we saw.
Yea... So, if anyone could please explain to me how something like THAT can happen if a car is just sitting in a parking lot, please let me know. Also, I have no clue about cars, so preferable act as if I am a three-year old and explain it to me. Thank you.
My vehicle of choice now is my bike, LOL.