Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going Out West - OR - Home Is Where The Heart Is

This past weekend I went to Los Angeles, CA, to check out Aaron's new and my soon-to-be home. It was really nice. One of the best weekends with the man this year. Friday afternoon I flew out there with the new awesome Virgin America (seriously, they are great; quick, entertaining, young) and Aaron picked me up. We drove around a little bit after dropping off my luggage and had dindin. (Here is the not-trainer: best chicken sandwich ever at "Fatburger" in Marina Del Rey!!) Then, we went by a bar in Venice, Nikki's, and stayed there till about 2am. The DJ was ridiculous, his music was so awesome we could not leave. Saturday we went to one of the clubs out there and Sunday I went to another one to check out a yoga class. We also looked at a couple of apartments and then had an awesome dinner with a walk right by the marina. Very relaxing weekend. It is always sad to leave, but oh well, it is only really a "see you later"!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Ok, ok, ok.... I guess we need to change the name of the blog to "A GERMAN IN CALIFORNIA", or "AN ANGEL IN THE CITY" (get the reference?? "City of Angels"), or something else. I am open to suggestions. Oh, why?? Because this German in Texas is moving to L.A., California in two months. Hmm, other than those minor news.... I got back from Germany about a week ago, only to find my house tv- and internet-less, but obviously that glitch is fixed now. Germany was nice, but I am really not "home" there anymore. I missed my Champy and everything, which is hard to read for my family and friends in Germany, I know. But i miss them, too, when I am over here. Where am I happier though? Here, in the U.S., that's why I decided back in 2007 to apply for my Greencard. Ha, I am one of those people now, too, who can address someone as my roommate, hehe he. The babies are doing great in Germany, though Champy still has not forgiven me, I think, that I left his bestie Roxy there and came home with only toys for him as bait for him not to be mad, but I do not think he can oversee this one. My mom totally amuses me with stories about the little fur princess whenever I talk to her and Jasmin sends me tons of pictures and a video daily (please do NOT EVER STOP) to keep me updated on my little projects. Parting with them was VERY, VERY, VERY HARD! I am still sad and I miss Rocky's pig-sounds and Roxy's whining at night time when she wants to snuggle. Friday I am going to L.A., California for a visit. First time to the West Coast of the country..... it was about that time! Cannot wait!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


One week later and it is raining in Germany - urgh! Last Friday the pups and I went on our journey and everything went awesome - till I got a text that my flight from Frankfurt to Hannover was cancelled. There was some air traffic jam, so most of the inland flights got cancelled, but I took the train to Hannover, which worked out better anyway. I felt sick to my stomach as we landed in Frankfurt, so I was happy to take the two and a half hour train ride with the pups. We all took a nice hour long nap and relaxed on the very spacious train! Other than that everything went really awesome with the pups. I aniticipated some trouble, but there was none. They did not really make any noise and I think they slept most of the flight anyway. Since I have been here I have seen most of my friends and family and have still spent a lot of time with the pups, since I have to leave them here. The weather yesterday was awesome. It was nice and sunny - perfect for a BBQ at my parents' house after a long day at a fitness convention. I had to do three(!) hours of yoga! One hour "open your heart" in the am and then two hours of "contact" yoga, which is yoga with a partner. My back is so sore today, it is ridiculous! Over all, the week passed pretty fast. I really miss my Champy though!