Sunday, September 4, 2011


One week later and it is raining in Germany - urgh! Last Friday the pups and I went on our journey and everything went awesome - till I got a text that my flight from Frankfurt to Hannover was cancelled. There was some air traffic jam, so most of the inland flights got cancelled, but I took the train to Hannover, which worked out better anyway. I felt sick to my stomach as we landed in Frankfurt, so I was happy to take the two and a half hour train ride with the pups. We all took a nice hour long nap and relaxed on the very spacious train! Other than that everything went really awesome with the pups. I aniticipated some trouble, but there was none. They did not really make any noise and I think they slept most of the flight anyway. Since I have been here I have seen most of my friends and family and have still spent a lot of time with the pups, since I have to leave them here. The weather yesterday was awesome. It was nice and sunny - perfect for a BBQ at my parents' house after a long day at a fitness convention. I had to do three(!) hours of yoga! One hour "open your heart" in the am and then two hours of "contact" yoga, which is yoga with a partner. My back is so sore today, it is ridiculous! Over all, the week passed pretty fast. I really miss my Champy though!

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