Thursday, April 26, 2012

My favorite month is next

So, I can always tell that if I have not blogged in a month or so that I have either been busy or nothing new is happening. Well, I have been busy - very busy! First of all, the new club did not open till April 16th. By then my parents were already here and we had an awesome two weeks together here in California. With the post-poned opening it kinda worked out perfectly, because that way I had so much more time to spend with them. We went to the beach a lot, rode bicycles, went shopping, cooked together and really just enjoyed each other's company. They even made it to the new club and worked out there and I stretched them. Speaking of, Equinox Marina Del Rey is awesome! It is so spacious and bright. Our team is great and versatile and my clients are all wonderful. I have even taken my bike to work numerous times - one of them at the a$$-crack of dawn - to see a client at 5.30am. Felt great!

My parents leaving was really sad. We got them each a travel bear at the airport as we dropped them off and those guys sure did not make things better.... As we came home Champy was looking for his grandmother - who he fell in love with a little bit (or a little more) and my mom has a huge crush on Champy as well. BUT, Rockylinos will be here soon with my sister - in exactly 4 weeks minus a day, so 27 days. I am really curious as to how Rocky will react when he sees us and then Champy as well. First though, my ever favorite month is coming up - marking a milestone that is very dear to my heart <3 . 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March "Goodness"

Last year's March blog was named "Madness", this year's is "Goodness". Why? Because a lot of good things have been happening in my life here in the B-E-A-Utiful state of California. The first of this great month for example marked my one year anniversary of having been employed by a great company. As you can tell, I still do not regret that kind of big change I made about a year ago and the small leap of faith that came with it. A few people that I have allowed to get to know me a little closer, that know how uncomfortable change makes me sure wonder how well I coped with the changed the entire job switch brought - ultimately moving to CA. Which, moving to CA, made me be pretty uncomfortable, tired, sad and some other things, but after the initial "settling-in"-phase I could not be happier here! I mean, come on, I have the beach maybe one mile away from the condo, the weather here is 98% of the time grrrrrrreat and I got to keep my job, whereas most people that move to CA do not even have a job when they first get here. The first week of March I also got a phone call, that my request to transfer, yet another time, got approved. That was my teaser good news from the last blog post. I am going to get to open the new club in Marina Del Rey on March, 27th with an awesome team. I am super excited! Westwood's team is great as well, but the traffic on the 405 is ridiculous to deal with every day and I do not know how people here do that every day, day in and day out, without getting frustrated.... Anyway, the new club is about one and a half miles away from the condo and I will get to ride my bike to work every day, YES!!!! Cannot wait! Also, my parents will be here in about 26 days! Whoop! I already ordered my dad's coffee, hehehe, so all is set for them to get here! Rocky got his first full hair cut this past week, so now all his curls are gone, booo. BUT, he looks cute, like a baby-Rocky again!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The only constant that remains is change

Three years ago I had not even packed my stuff at my parents' house for my permanent move to the United States of America. I was still working at the private school as the P.E. teacher till the day before my departure. Three years ago I would have never thought time passes so fast, that I would live in California now instead of in Texas and that my life would be what it is now. Many times have doubts crossed my mind about that huge leap of faith I took as I was 25 years old, but I have never regretted taking it since. I love my life here, now in California and I loved my life in Texas as well. I have a wonderful man by my side that supports me and believes in me. We live in a great condo with an awesome view of the sunset, the ocean and the mountains and my little furry, four-legged child always brightens up my day, regardless of the mood I am in. For some reason, Valentine's Day always marks some kind of change in my life. Or around that day at least. Last year I turned in my two-weeks-notice at my first job to pursue a career at Equinox, three years ago that day marked a new beginning as well. This year, I am not gonna tell yet. Do not want to jinx anything. Anyway, my parents are going to be here in eight weeks and I could not be more stoked!! I cannot wait for them to see the beautiful sunset, the awesome views, going to the beach with them a lot and most importantly enjoy my mom's cooking!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three weeks into the year....

February is almost here.... That means Valentine's Day AND more importantly my three-year-anniversary of being a permanent resident of the United States of America. I read today that I can send in my application for citizenship after having lived here for four years and nine months, so that will be in 2013..... Um, maybe not then...Anyway, my birthday week came and went and the actual day was nothing special. I congratulated my Jassel at 3pm California time on the previous day and we put Rocky to bed together after. Jassele called me at 9am her time (a lil more humane compared to the Texas midnight 7am in Germany on her special day), and then went back to sleep. On my actual birthday I usually refuse to do anything I do not want to do. So, I did not do anything I did not want to do - like go to work. I never go to work on my birthday. I do not think anyone should! I made myself some birthday pancakes and ate those while on skype with my birthday partner in crime while she was eating cake. It felt weird, because last year was so awesome, I knew though it would be tough to make this year awesome.... Anyway, Aaron came home from work a tad earlier than usual and, oh fun, the electricity went off a couple of times. The first time right before I was about to make my daily afternoon coffee. Sure did not turn out to be a happy birthday girl. And no afternoon-coffee-cake-with-a-candle-to-blow-out-and-make-a-wish either. Cupcakes would have been great, too. I did get a candle to blow out after some complaining though. It was an awesome candle and I made an awesome wish after great dindin at one of my favorite restaurants with one of my favorite people. OK, so that was that. 28, we will talk in two years....... boooo. Today, my fur-child had to get his shots and he took it like a Champ, hehe he. He got three - one in the nose, one in the mouth and one between his scapulas. Poor baby. The one in his nose was the worst. My parents will be here in ELEVEN(!) weeks and I cannot wait!!!!! Too bad my Jassele is not though. I plan on going to Dallas soon or after my parents leave. I need to see my godchild!! And her mommy of course too!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trip #1 in 2012

2012 is one week old. It started out great. Last Sunday, on January 1st, we went to the beach with Champy. It was awesome! We had about 24°C and there was sooooo many people out and about at Venice Beach, less than a mile from our condo. There even were people laying out in their bathing suits. Since that particular beach is not a doggy beach we only went on the pier all the way down and Champy sure did not like all those people. Wednesday night we went to New York City, NY on the red-eye flight through San Francisco. We stayed till Saturday morning and went back to Los Angeles around 12noon. It was a great trip. It was colder than at home in L.A., but that was fine for three days. Thursday after we landed we went to check in at the hotel and then grabbed some breakfast around the corner, since the place Aaron really wanted to take me to across shut down. The other place was fine too though. After that was nap time. Though we had a really comfortable flight from SanFran to NYC travelling is tiring. Later on that afternoon, we met with Eileen, a co-worker from Dallas, and went to Katz's Deli for a sandwich! It was good, plenty of meat on there. Aaron and I checked out PURE Yoga and the Equinox around the corner from the hotel and I grabbed a delicious cupcake at "Crumb's" for later on for dessert. Around 7pm I made myself comfortable at the hotel with my red velvet cupcake and the remote control and snuggled up in bed. All my shows started back up and since Aaron had a social meeting with co-workers I enjoyed my shows in NYC, instead of on the Tivo at home. Friday I wanted to take a yoga class at a club, but I woke up too late and kinda had to hurry to still get breakfast somewhere. My plan was to go to Niketown from the hotel and grab some breakfast halfway, but since I did not leave the hotel till about 10.40am, I decided to go back to the place from the previous day to make sure I would still get some breakfast food. After I had fed myself I did go to Niketown because I was on the quest for some new unique sneakers. Disappointment. Booo. It is ok though. I got some new workout pants and then went to H&M to check out their new stuff. Grabbed some coffee and another cupcake (hehe he) on my way back to the hotel and met with Aaron around 3.30pm in the lobby. We switched hotels for that night and went to the "W" downtown, right by Ground Zero. That sight was very memorable, very amazing. We had a view of Ground Zero exactly from the hotel room. Had dindin at the restaurant downstairs after we met with an old high school friend of Aaron's and went to digest our delicious food in the hotel room. Saturday morning it was time to get to JFK to see if we could change our flight, but the direct flight was full. Off to SanFran then it was. Lucky us, we had a mother with three girls in the row next to us, whereas one of the kids (assumed around 2 years old) was being breast-fed while everybody boarded the plane on an AISLE (!) seat and then afterwards would not shut up screaming for even five minutes. The other girls were maybe four and six or so. We had a free seat on our row, so I went to the window seat and Aaron was on the aisle seat. That mother had some nerves! She woke up Aaron to ask if she could put her child down on the middle seat, half on me and the legs were on Aaron's lap, waking me up as well in process, and I had slept so good, and then waking up Aaron multiple times afterwards as well. It had been funny, because during boarding there were some guys who were making fun of the whole situation and so on and they had wished us good luck. Well, that had probably jinxed it. Six hours later we were in SanFran and hurried to get off that plane. Fortunately we were able to catch an earlier flight to LAX and this time there were no screaming kids in our immediate area. Phew. Champy peed on himself as we got home, he was so happy to see us!!!