Thursday, April 26, 2012

My favorite month is next

So, I can always tell that if I have not blogged in a month or so that I have either been busy or nothing new is happening. Well, I have been busy - very busy! First of all, the new club did not open till April 16th. By then my parents were already here and we had an awesome two weeks together here in California. With the post-poned opening it kinda worked out perfectly, because that way I had so much more time to spend with them. We went to the beach a lot, rode bicycles, went shopping, cooked together and really just enjoyed each other's company. They even made it to the new club and worked out there and I stretched them. Speaking of, Equinox Marina Del Rey is awesome! It is so spacious and bright. Our team is great and versatile and my clients are all wonderful. I have even taken my bike to work numerous times - one of them at the a$$-crack of dawn - to see a client at 5.30am. Felt great!

My parents leaving was really sad. We got them each a travel bear at the airport as we dropped them off and those guys sure did not make things better.... As we came home Champy was looking for his grandmother - who he fell in love with a little bit (or a little more) and my mom has a huge crush on Champy as well. BUT, Rockylinos will be here soon with my sister - in exactly 4 weeks minus a day, so 27 days. I am really curious as to how Rocky will react when he sees us and then Champy as well. First though, my ever favorite month is coming up - marking a milestone that is very dear to my heart <3 .