Friday, February 27, 2009

I got my first "job" in America - Or - I just taught a ZUMBA® Fitness class and burned a gazillion calories. GIVE ME THAT DOUGHNUT!!!!

Wow, so I have been in Dallas, Texas for two weeks now. Awesome. Originally I had planned to take it slow. You know.... Wait for the actual greencard and my social security card before I start looking for a job. Well, did not really work out, thanks to ZUMBA® Fitness. And that is a good thing!
Last week I was looking around on the message board in our job section and there was actually someone looking for a sub and potential instructor to take over a class or two. I texted her, we met at Starbucks on Friday, did a team-teaching in one of her classes on Wednesday and I subbed her classes Thursday night and Friday morning. AWESOME!!! Today I talked to the group exercise director of that gym and they want to keep me for the Thursday night class. I am so excited!! My first "job" in America. Whoop. And I did not even have to do so much for it! The director told me after the class that she wanted to come in for the last couple of minutes but got caught up in something else. But as she came my way to meet me she passed some members who told her that I did an awesome job and also to keep me as an instructor. YEAY, that is awesome feedback, because Thursday night I was really excited to teach, but also getting more nervous as the time started running. And then the class was over soooooo fast.

Last Sunday though we went to an OSCAR-party, which was awesome. We had to dress up and everything. The rule was that you had to pick any character from a movie that was ever nominated for anything. I had no clue who or what I was going to pick. I was talking to Jasmin on the phone as she suggested I go as a cartoon character, which was my idea, too. Something fun. So, we went online together and I found a list of all the movies that had been nominated within like the last 20 years. I found "Hook" had been nominated in 1992 for who cares anyway. As I packed my suitcases two weeks ago I had to leave a lot of things, but I would not leave my fairy-wings and my fairy-magic wand. That HAD to come. Well, good thing I packed it as it turned out. I dressed up as Tinkerbell, so fun!!
Last night after class Aaron had to pick me up. He actually got an award for "Bestest Boyfriend in the World". As some of you know and some do not, my favorite oatmeal flavor is banana bread and that is REALLY hard to get. So, I went online to find out where to get it. Turns out you can only get it at Albertson's, and we like never go there. Anyway, Aaron had an hour to kill while I was teaching that (now mine) ZUMBA® Fitness class. He went and got my favorite oatmeal AND two huge bottles of water for my ZUMBA® Fitness workshop tomorrow.

Also, he got a toy for Cody and she was so cute. She even wanted to get it last night as Aaron took her out for a walk, so cute. This morning as I took her out she would not let go of it and I had to pull it from her. It makes some noise, too, and last night she was playing with it and jamming it up, lol!

OK, so this weekend is gonna be busy. ZUMBA® Fitness instructor workshop tomorrow and then we move into our new apartment on Sunday. I am excited!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to sneak into business class and get caught - or - I have never been on a packed plane like this one before

During his last couple of flights my other half always sneaked into business class somehow. I told him I was not gonna do it and he forced me to on our first part of the trip from Hannover to Frankfurt. I was so scared. They said boarding was complete and I was like phew. WRONG! One of the flight attendents comes over to us and asks to see our ticket because they head-counted and got a number that was off by two. What a coincident..... Yes, we had to change our seats. It was OK. I went to sleep right after take-off.
We actually had not booked our tickets together, so the seats we got for the second part of the flight were not next to each other and the lady in Hannover could not do a lot. In Frankfurt we had to go to the transfer center but they were b*tches about it and said it was not possible. Aaron fixed it later. So much for that. lol
Our flight was fine, seats more or less sucked, but other than that..... Way too long.
OK, so we get to Dallas and I was told that from now on I could stay in line with the residents and citizens, which was wrong as we found out as we got to the end of the line.
So I had to get in line again, in a very long lane now, to show my passport and all that. As I got to the counter and presented my immigration package they were really nice. The officer looked through all my things and then took me and my package to the very end of the hall. There were two counters with officers, who are I guess in charge of the immigration visa reviews. I had to wait for a couple of minutes, give my finger print, sign and then we went through the information, so the card will be send to the right address.
Aaron was already waiting with our luggage and everything went fine!
Oh, in Hannover my dad (I miss you) gave me a video which was made at the party on which everyone that had been at the party said something to me. Very nice! We watched it in Frankfurt to kill some time. Thanks guys. Bestest surprise so far!!!!!

So now I am a legal resident of the United States of America!

OMG! 4 suitcaes!! - or - You will have to learn that you cannot pack your whole life in one trip!

Here we go. I started packing on Thursday and thought I would be fine... HAHA!!! So, you are allowed to take two (!) suitcases of each 23 kg (50lb) with you. My other half brought me another one, so I would have three. So I figured I should be fine! LOL!!!
I packed everything, then put the suitcases on the scale.... They were ALL about eight pounds too heavy.... WOW. I decided I would have to get rid of some things and just leave them at my parents' house for now. STILL NOT ENOUGH, STILL TOO HEAVY.
Friday I had to work and then had lunch with my sibs and my other half. I had to say "see you later" to my sister that day, too, because she was not able to come to the airport with us on Saturday because of her rehabilitation certificate she has to get. It was very sad to hug her and say "see ya later". I sent her a text a little later to cheer her up but I think it just made it worse. I really miss you, girl! I love you more than a fat kid loves chocolate! You will find a ticket to come see me sooner than you will expect it, promise!!!!!
So, that was more or less the hardest part.
As we got back to my parents' house I went back to organizing my stuff to make it fit. I got so mad that I yelled at my mom for no reason and at 9pm I sent my future sister-in-law a text asking if she had another suitcase for me she did not need. So, we went to pick it out and then everything was fine. Overall, my other half and I had five suitcases, whereas he had only like half of one. lol.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Party time...

Last night we had a party at my parents' house. We had about 20 people there. My family, my better half, some girls I graduated with and some of my parents' friends who are pretty good friends with me as well. They have known my parents for a very long time and they are basically like family. Also, my favorite aunt and uncle were there as well.
On Friday my mom, my brother, his girlfriend and I went grocery shopping and started cooking for Saturday. I also baked some muffins, brownies and cookies, like I always do. Saturday morning I picked up my better half from the airport and basically sent him to sleep, so he would not be tired at the party. Worked out well. Meanwhile my mom and I decorated the house with all American stuff, flags, dishware, confetti, everything we ordered on-line. The house looked awesome.
Around 7pm the first people started to show up. My girls actually all came a little later, but that is okay, because all except for one showed up. I am really disappointed that that one girl did not show up. Do not know how to react to it, really. I have not seen her for over a year and we used to be really close, but not really anymore, at least it feels like it.
Oh well, the party was so much fun!!! My sister and I showed the guests how to do ZUMBA® Fitness and they loved it. They all want to take a class, only thing is Jasmin is gonna be the only one in our state representing ZUMBA® Fitness till other peeps decide to take a workshop.
Even though I asked my guests not to bring anything they got me all nice things. I got a mini notebook from my family, cash from my uncle and aunty and from the couples and lots of pics of my girls and I.
Every time someone left we gave them an American flag in a mini format and some really cried. It is so contagious when someone starts crying.... If you know me then you know that I cannot take to see anyone cry, I always have to start as well.
My mom was really sad today. She thinks I am leaving her, though I am "just moving out". Well, to another country, but I am the last one, so basically I would be screwed regardless.
In one week, my better half and I will be in Dallas, TX and it will be awesome. We waited for this for soooooo long and now it is finally happening!
I will miss my family a lot, but I will make them come to Dallas as often as possible! Jasmin, rawr!!