Sunday, February 8, 2009

Party time...

Last night we had a party at my parents' house. We had about 20 people there. My family, my better half, some girls I graduated with and some of my parents' friends who are pretty good friends with me as well. They have known my parents for a very long time and they are basically like family. Also, my favorite aunt and uncle were there as well.
On Friday my mom, my brother, his girlfriend and I went grocery shopping and started cooking for Saturday. I also baked some muffins, brownies and cookies, like I always do. Saturday morning I picked up my better half from the airport and basically sent him to sleep, so he would not be tired at the party. Worked out well. Meanwhile my mom and I decorated the house with all American stuff, flags, dishware, confetti, everything we ordered on-line. The house looked awesome.
Around 7pm the first people started to show up. My girls actually all came a little later, but that is okay, because all except for one showed up. I am really disappointed that that one girl did not show up. Do not know how to react to it, really. I have not seen her for over a year and we used to be really close, but not really anymore, at least it feels like it.
Oh well, the party was so much fun!!! My sister and I showed the guests how to do ZUMBA® Fitness and they loved it. They all want to take a class, only thing is Jasmin is gonna be the only one in our state representing ZUMBA® Fitness till other peeps decide to take a workshop.
Even though I asked my guests not to bring anything they got me all nice things. I got a mini notebook from my family, cash from my uncle and aunty and from the couples and lots of pics of my girls and I.
Every time someone left we gave them an American flag in a mini format and some really cried. It is so contagious when someone starts crying.... If you know me then you know that I cannot take to see anyone cry, I always have to start as well.
My mom was really sad today. She thinks I am leaving her, though I am "just moving out". Well, to another country, but I am the last one, so basically I would be screwed regardless.
In one week, my better half and I will be in Dallas, TX and it will be awesome. We waited for this for soooooo long and now it is finally happening!
I will miss my family a lot, but I will make them come to Dallas as often as possible! Jasmin, rawr!!


severina said...

Awww, I love the shirts! Is there any way I can get one?!?!

I'm so happy that you're finally getting to go to Dallas. You've been waiting so long and now it's happening. I'll have to book a flight home to visit you soon.

jasmin said...

What about my present I gave you, you did not mention it...
I dont want you to leave and I know you are tired of hearing that!!
Send me a ticket and I will be there asap.... RAWR!!!