Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dear Ash Cloud - Make yourself disappear!

So, this ash cloud is seriously ridiculous! My mom could not go on her birthday trip, so couldn’t Uschi, the guests at Jasmin’s hotel are not arriving till next week, though the official season start is tomorrow and Aaron has not been able to come home either. And you guessed it, the last one really upsets me big time! He has been gone for two weeks now. I had everything ready for him to come back on Thursday, then he said he will be here Saturday. That did not work out. Then it was supposed to be today and now it is supposed to be tomorrow. I am not even expecting him to be here tomorrow anymore. The worst thing is I have to work all day and it looks like I will not even be able to go pick him up. BUMMER!!! And then I do not get off work till 9.30pm. And I miss him A LOT! I bathed the doggy, cleaned the house, the car and everything else is ready, including me! The only thing that is not ready is the weather, because it started raining last night. BUT I got my pink cargo pants for Zumba ® (thanks Michelle) and also the new tanks (thanks Lizz)!!! I wore the pants already and they are awesome! Love them! Cody was sick the other day, but I think she really misses her male provider. So even the doggy wants Aaron’s behind back home!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let's go easter-egg-hunting NOT!

Aaron is gone. He left yesterday morning. So that means the ladies are home alone. Cody and I have been fine so far, but it has only been one day, haha. Yesterday I got my hair done at the AVEDA Institute downstairs, so I could walk there! Awesome experience and so inexpensive, too. I spent less than one third of what I spent last time on my hair. That makes me and my bank account very happy! I took the best nap ever in the afternoon and went to Valley Ranch afterwards to meet up with a woman whose husband sells motorcycle helmets. Since the man got a nice and shiny bike he needed a helmet and since he went to Africa yesterday I had to go get it. The woman’s husband was in Mexico, so she had to meet with me, which I thought was amusing. Both men gone, so the ladies have to take control. I also did a little bit of shopping since she was running late and got a couple of very got deals. Later on yesterday I went to the new Whole Foods Market, also within walking distance, and got me some natural sunflower seed bread (just like the one I eat in Germany) and some goodies for Easter. That was my cheat-meal for the week, hehe. Some time next week I am gonna go spoil myself to some new gym shoes. I am gonna get the new Reebok Easytone in black, which I finally found, yeay! It is planned for me to go to Germany some time soon and then to Turkey with my mom to see Jasmin, but I am not sure about any details yet. I will let everybody know as soon as I know more. Last week was the end of the month at work, so that usually means that the sales people and managers are all up on everybody’s a**es, to make sure we all hit the quota. I did really well last month, the best so far. That’s also another reason why I am gonna spoil myself to some new shoes. We got our taxes done also last week and I am getting a pretty good return, which is going straight into my savings account! Other than that a pretty quiet week last week, except for the part that my legs are still a little red and I had a really hard time moving around till like Thursday morning because they were burned so bad. They hurt every time I got up from a sitting position and then Wednesday night after class I had blisters all over my legs because the sweat could not go through my burned skin. They busted on contact without pain but then the underlying skin was sensitive. I am really excited that I am getting to go to Germany and Turkey this year after all and cannot wait till all the planning is finalized!!!