Thursday, July 22, 2010


Let's see... what has been going on? Work, sleep, work, eat. Really. Mostly in that order. Oh well, I get to relax on the weekends, since I try not to work then, but other than that I have been at work between 6am and 8am, depending on the day of the week and my clients and I have been at home between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. I do take a nice lunch break though with a much needed nap of about one and a half to two hours if I had to get up at 5am. But really, it is easier for me to get up at 5am than at 6am. And the bottom line really is, there is no big difference of the hour when you have to get up, getting up and out of bed is hard at any time of the day.
Other than that I miss my Jassele, and so does Cody. She tells me every day.....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh well, expect the unexpected ;-)

I should have bet some money on Aaron being here for July 4th or not. He said he would be fine, I said he won’t make it. He was scheduled to fly out of ATL on Sunday last week I think at 4.15pm, but his uncle dropped him off a little too late, at 3.50pm. So, that flight was gone. After that he could not get on another plane, because they were all full. He tried till 10pm local time and then I texted him “I told you so”, since I had been right. So, the doggy and I watched some fireworks on the good old couch and had some ice cream with it. Now, the man said he would make up for it if he misses the 4th with us. We will see where or what that leads to this time. He finally made it back in the morning of the 5th, but I could not go get him, because I was teaching my Zumba® Fitness class at 9am. He got a ride though. The week at work was busy, but I finished the case study with Satek for the BodyJuggling he teaches. Aaron came with me Saturday night to a Yoga Studio downtown to record the whole thing and interview me. He has been really supportive this weekend. Today I “taught” my Zumba® Fitness class at the Taste of Dallas. Unfortunately there had not been much advertising, so the turn-out was not so well. I still presented my new awesome new Zumbawear® skort in purple which I got in the mail on Saturday. Other than that, Cody is the same lazy doggy and we had a lot of rain this week. My Jassele has been very busy this week also, so I have barely been able to talk to her, boo :-(.