Sunday, March 11, 2012

March "Goodness"

Last year's March blog was named "Madness", this year's is "Goodness". Why? Because a lot of good things have been happening in my life here in the B-E-A-Utiful state of California. The first of this great month for example marked my one year anniversary of having been employed by a great company. As you can tell, I still do not regret that kind of big change I made about a year ago and the small leap of faith that came with it. A few people that I have allowed to get to know me a little closer, that know how uncomfortable change makes me sure wonder how well I coped with the changed the entire job switch brought - ultimately moving to CA. Which, moving to CA, made me be pretty uncomfortable, tired, sad and some other things, but after the initial "settling-in"-phase I could not be happier here! I mean, come on, I have the beach maybe one mile away from the condo, the weather here is 98% of the time grrrrrrreat and I got to keep my job, whereas most people that move to CA do not even have a job when they first get here. The first week of March I also got a phone call, that my request to transfer, yet another time, got approved. That was my teaser good news from the last blog post. I am going to get to open the new club in Marina Del Rey on March, 27th with an awesome team. I am super excited! Westwood's team is great as well, but the traffic on the 405 is ridiculous to deal with every day and I do not know how people here do that every day, day in and day out, without getting frustrated.... Anyway, the new club is about one and a half miles away from the condo and I will get to ride my bike to work every day, YES!!!! Cannot wait! Also, my parents will be here in about 26 days! Whoop! I already ordered my dad's coffee, hehehe, so all is set for them to get here! Rocky got his first full hair cut this past week, so now all his curls are gone, booo. BUT, he looks cute, like a baby-Rocky again!