Monday, August 22, 2011

ANTICIPATION - or - :-( soon it will be time to give my foster puppies to their real mommies :-(

So, today is Monday. Friday I am going to Germany - with the pups. This past weekend I ran all the last errands, including picking up the babies' health papers (and paying for them), dropping them off for their first haircut and finding a carrier for them big enough so they both fit in there. I got it all done. Now, I am not sure if I will be allowed to take the babies out on board, but I really do not give a $h*t. The bag is ok in size, but I still feel bad. Plus, it was really fun to search for a bag that takes in account the dimensions that the airlines allows - impossible!!! They are ALL bigger! Anyway, so August was a pretty busy month. We had class at work for the next trainer level, with all the tests and weekend classes, as well as a kettlebell certification workshop over ten hours and I also turned in a case study for the promotion at work. All while being blessed with poop most of the mornings for one week, before I finally changed the pups' feeding schedule and fixed that issue. It is always fun to either come home to dogs covered in $h*t or to wake up to pups covered in $h*t. Their breed (shih-tzu) takes on a total new meaning with those sort of fun surprises. No, but seriously. I got the pups as they were eight weeks old. They will be 18 weeks old in two days and I am really gonna miss them. They have their own smell, their own ways of doing things and are just so adorable. On the other hand, I am gonna miss my Champy as well sooooo much while I am in Germany. That will be the first time I will be separated from my baby for two full weeks, sniff sniff. I hope he will not be traumatized, with his mommy AND his favorite play-mates leaving.