Thursday, January 28, 2010

Expect the unexpected

This week I had a two-day orientation for my job at Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center because they brought me on as an employee. I really did not like the idea at first having to go to Irving for two days and spend pretty much all day there to get educated about safety and hygiene guidelines. Turns out though it was totally fun! The only thing that was not fun was me having to go to my regular job till 9pm after the 8am till 5pm orientation on Monday and Tuesday. They let us leave early on both days though, so we beat the traffic and I actually had a chance to get some rest at home. So, now I am an official Baylor Employee with all the responsibilities that come with it. I like it! We got I.D. batches for identification, I met a ton of new nice people, they fed us plenty of awesome food (breakfast, lunch and snacks), we got tons of goodies and had a lot of fun together! Aaron’s grandma went back to Africa on Monday and she said she might be back in September. It was kind of sad to say bye to her on Sunday night, but I am sure she will be back soon. My one-year-anniversary of being a U.S. resident is coming up in about two weeks and I cannot believe that I have lived here for almost an entire year already. It passed pretty fast. It also falls on Valentine’s Day, but I don’t anticipate any kind of celebration. To me it is very special personally, because I had worked so hard to be able to live here legally with all the highs and lows, but it might not be special to anybody else. Maybe I will treat myself to some shopping or just spend the day at home with the doggy. I do not know yet, but I have two weeks to make plans! So we will see!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I guess when you turn 26.....

…. You do not need a birthday cake anymore. This was the first year in 26 years that I did not have a birthday cake. I assumed I would get one without having to say it, but as I learned that did not work. It would not have had to be one like on the picture on my last post…. Just a simple American birthday cake with lots of tasty frosting on there. Now, I know I should not say that, trainer that I am and all, but I love all the sweet temptations the American supermarket has to offer. Do I eat them a lot and all the time? Absolutely not. Would I if I could? Absolutely so! Anyway, I guess I’ll buy my own next year. Jasmin is not coming to Dallas, because she is going to Turkey on Friday, yeay!!! She is going to be there for six weeks and then we will see. I am really excited for her because that club resort is a lot bigger and they are already working on the class schedule for her so she can actually get back to giving classes, like Zumba® Fitness and Spinning. YEAY! That phone call which woke me up two minutes before I had to get up yesterday made it ok, LOL. Saturday night Aaron and I wanted to go see “Avatar” at the IMAX in 3D again, and it was sold out again. Bummer. I hope we will still get to catch it before they stop showing it at the IMAX. It is not too cold here anymore, but we cannot unpack the bathing suits just yet either. Cody is on vacation and I really miss her. Hopefully she will be back VERY SOON!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Capricorns!!!

Do you feel older? That is what Aaron asked me yesterday as he came home to pick me up so we could go to the BODIES exhibition in Dallas. Nope, was my answer. Does anybody actually feel older just because it is their birthday and by calendar you are a year older all of a sudden? I do not know, but I still feel the same. People are actually still amazed whenever I tell them how old I am, they always guess beginning twenties or even younger than twenty. Anyway, my highlight of last week was a text message from my sister that said that she was leaving Switzerland for good! Made my day, even though she sent it before I had to get up to go to work. For news of that nature I do not mind! So, Sunday night (German time) Patty and her got on the train with their gazillion travel bags after a dindin trip and a run to the drug store and headed home. She called me while they were on the train and I texted her at midnight German time to tell her “Happy Birthday”. Last year on our birthday she came back from her sun-vacation where Nathalie was and I picked her up at like 2am and gave her a little baby-cake with a candle at the airport. After we got to her apartment we ate some of it and went to sleep, since we had a brunch reservation with the ladies in the morning. We basically ate all day and did not move at all, but it was a nice birthday. I was more waiting on my passport with my visa in it, because one year ago I did not know yet whether or not they had issued the visa. I think I got it on the 14th. Anyway, so yesterday Aaron and I went to the BODIES exhibition and after that to dindin. Aaron had made reservations and after we were finished eating we headed across the street to the Ritz Carlton, because Aaron had dessert plans. They did not have what we wanted though so we headed home. We were debating on getting ice cream but it was kind of cold so we stopped at “Bailey’s” for dessert, and they actually had what we were looking for! Crème brûlée, with bananas. It was really good. We headed home and watched a movie. That was about it. I did not work, because I did not want to and I am gonna do that again next year. It was really nice not having to go to work, especially since yesterday was Monday and I really do not like Mondays! I had an awesome workout today and am just waiting to hear from Jasmiin. She is waiting on her company or whatever you want to call it to let her know where and when she is going next for the job. Portugal or Fuerte Ventura are on the list. But before that hopefully…… DALLAS!!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dear 2010.....

….. it is official! The year 2010 is here. Ya ya, I know, I am a little late, but it is only the 3rd of January. I hope everyone survived the change of the years safely, I know Marcus and I did. I had to work till 6pm on New Year’s Eve and then went home to get ready. We kind of dressed up but not really. Aaron was still in Milwaukee, WI, but we called him at 12am/midnight. After I was ready to go Marcus and I went to pick up a couple of his friends and visited their mother in the hospital. She had surgery done on Monday and they had not gone to see her yet, so we went. One of Marcus’ friends was pretty drunk already as we picked him up and was, well let’s just say he was behaving a little inappropriate. His sister, who was the other friend we had picked up, had never seen him drunk and got more upset as the evening proceeded. Oh well, we went to a friend’s house, where there was supposed to be a “black-and-white-party”. There were people and alcohol, but no party so we decided to go downtown. After a spilled drink and a misbehaving friend later we decided around 11.15pm to drop Marcus’ friends back off at home and so it was that we were on the tollway at midnight and rang the year in with a classy breakfast from __________. On New Year’s Day Marcus and I cooked – tilapia, cheese potatoes, broccoli and croissants. Before that though I figured I could go downstairs and shop around a little bit. Ha, I did not feel any of the three dresses I tried on and after I did not even find anything at the sporting goods store I gave up and went home for some coffee. Nothing in any of the stores appealed to me, but then again it is not like I need anything. I have dresses in my closet that I have not worn yet and during the week I only wear gym clothes. I would need some new workout-shoes, but I did not find any that I liked. Oh well, saved myself some $$$ there, didn’t I? Yesterday Aaron came back home and he even went to “H & M” for me. And the best thing…. It fits! He did a great job! We spent a nice evening at home with movies and brought in the new year a little later. I am a little unsure of what this year has in store for me, but I will see. Last year was all about the big move from Germany to Texas and I want to focus a little more on my career this year, since everything else is settled for that. Jasmin, squeeze those cheeks together and practice patience. I know I am someone to say that, but patience always pays off in the long run. I miss you tons!