Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Capricorns!!!

Do you feel older? That is what Aaron asked me yesterday as he came home to pick me up so we could go to the BODIES exhibition in Dallas. Nope, was my answer. Does anybody actually feel older just because it is their birthday and by calendar you are a year older all of a sudden? I do not know, but I still feel the same. People are actually still amazed whenever I tell them how old I am, they always guess beginning twenties or even younger than twenty. Anyway, my highlight of last week was a text message from my sister that said that she was leaving Switzerland for good! Made my day, even though she sent it before I had to get up to go to work. For news of that nature I do not mind! So, Sunday night (German time) Patty and her got on the train with their gazillion travel bags after a dindin trip and a run to the drug store and headed home. She called me while they were on the train and I texted her at midnight German time to tell her “Happy Birthday”. Last year on our birthday she came back from her sun-vacation where Nathalie was and I picked her up at like 2am and gave her a little baby-cake with a candle at the airport. After we got to her apartment we ate some of it and went to sleep, since we had a brunch reservation with the ladies in the morning. We basically ate all day and did not move at all, but it was a nice birthday. I was more waiting on my passport with my visa in it, because one year ago I did not know yet whether or not they had issued the visa. I think I got it on the 14th. Anyway, so yesterday Aaron and I went to the BODIES exhibition and after that to dindin. Aaron had made reservations and after we were finished eating we headed across the street to the Ritz Carlton, because Aaron had dessert plans. They did not have what we wanted though so we headed home. We were debating on getting ice cream but it was kind of cold so we stopped at “Bailey’s” for dessert, and they actually had what we were looking for! Crème brûlée, with bananas. It was really good. We headed home and watched a movie. That was about it. I did not work, because I did not want to and I am gonna do that again next year. It was really nice not having to go to work, especially since yesterday was Monday and I really do not like Mondays! I had an awesome workout today and am just waiting to hear from Jasmiin. She is waiting on her company or whatever you want to call it to let her know where and when she is going next for the job. Portugal or Fuerte Ventura are on the list. But before that hopefully…… DALLAS!!!!!


jasmin said...

the list: 1) Dallas 2) everywhere but not at my parent's house :-P

lanie said...

that cake is awesome!!

Minchen said...

isnt it an awesome cake? I did not get one though.... :( maybe next year... haha