Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hallo Spring!

I want sun! Texas, show your sunny face, you sure did this morning…. February is over and March is just around the corner. These last two weeks I have been really sad. I really miss Jasmin and Cody always talks about her aunty, too. Two weeks ago on Valentine’s Day Aaron came back from dropping his cousin off at the airport and had somehow gotten tickets to the ALLSTAR NBA GAME at the new Cowboys Stadium. I was really excited, but more than overwhelmed as we got there. Usher was there, he sang as they introduced all the players. Alicia Keys and Shakira sang during halftime and there were so many more celebrities. I was so overwhelmed. After that night it kind of really hit me how long I have not been back to Germany. But tickets are so expensive right now. If they were not as expensive as they are I would get on a plane next week when Jasmin is there as well, so I would get to see everyone. Well, but Aaron is taking me out of town, so that should refresh me and make me feel better. Also, I plan to go to New York in April. Last week I also signed up for my prenatal study package which I got in the mail on Saturday. That covers my CEC plans for the first quarter of the year and is really going to come in handy whenever there will be pregnant ladies who want to work out with someone that is actually certified in that field. Today I went to a baby shower, that was fun. It was in the Aqua Lounge and the host did an awesome job organizing it. I even won a game! Yeay! Last weekend Aaron came back from New York and had food poisoning from real Chinese food he had eaten, I guess his stomach did not like the dumplings. I had planned to take him out to dindin, but those plans were shattered by puke and dehydration, haha. Yesterday morning I could barely walk because my shins were on fire. I subbed two classes on Friday, more or less back to back and my legs had already been hurting on Thursday night. I thought it would go away though. Well, Friday morning the pain was not gone, but I made it through the classes anyway. Saturday and today I rested my legs more or less and I feel better now. We will see after tomorrow’s class though. My dad’s and brother’s birthday are coming up this month and then my mom’s in April. And then my dear fiancĂ©’s. Maybe I can shake something fun out of my sleeve for him, but we will see about that. ;-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


… to everyone who does the Valentine’s Day deeds and happy one-year-anniversary of having been a U.S. resident to me! A vear ago I think Aaron was still waiting on me with our luggage because the procedure for me at customs took forever. But we made it and Maik and the kiddos picked us up! Anyway, this weekend was crazy here in Dallas. Thursday night Aaron’s cousin from Atlanta came in town and he brought his baby (girl, 3 months old). Friday night his other two cousins from Houston came in town – for the Allstar weekend here in Dallas. For those of you who do not know what that is: Once a year I guess all the NBA “stars” go to a certain city and everything goes crazy. Friday night there was a celebrity basketball game, last night there was a dunk contest and tonight two teams made up of the NBA “stars” play each other. I went to the mall yesterday, because my new pants at lululemon athletic were ready. If I had only known. Apparently everyone went to the mall. Kobe Bryant supposedly had just left as I got there and someone told me that Alicia Keys was there on Friday night. There were so many posers and wanna-bes, I cannot believe it. I am sure there were some celebrities, but I did not see anybody, nor did I really care. I just wanted my pants. It took me about 30 minutes to find a parking spot in the garage, and I usually park outside and then about an hour to get out of there. I even switched of my car as I was waiting for other cars to get out of the way or for them just to move because it took forever! So then last night we went out with Aaron’s cousins and we went to “DEUX”. I have been there once, and it was fine, but yesterday…… It was packed. Since Aaron knows the owners we did not have to wait in line but the place was just so crowded. And again, a lot of people who were trying to meet someone I suppose or trying to be something they were not. We still had fun, and so did the cousins from out of town! Needless to say, since today is my one-year-anniversary I feel kind of weird. It is weird how fast one year passed really and all the things that have happened. Also, I have not seen my family and friends in Germany for six months and I miss them. Hopefully, Jasmin will be able to come in August at least so we can go to the convention in Orlando. Aaron and I are going out of town for a couple of days soon and I am very excited!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love is in the air....

…. Dumm-dumm-dumm-dumm-dumm-dumm-dumm, love is in the air….. What are you doing for Valentine’s day? Anything special? I was thinking about that the other day, but did not really come up with anything, since we are not that big fans of any days like that anyway. Last year I baked a heart-shaped mini cake for Aaron and my dad. My dad got it in the afternoon, my mom gave it to him, since Aaron and I were on a plane and Aaron got his Friday night, as I was packing and practically going crazy…. It is Allstar Weekend in Dallas next weekend, so that means the city is gonna go crazy and there are going to be all kinds of people. Aaron’s cousin from Atlanta is supposed to come in town that weekend, too. Today I finally had a chance and was in the mood to go to the mall, but had to leave after not even an hour, because it was too crowded. I felt like I could not breathe anymore and almost did not find the exit…. Yaya, I know. I did go to Lululemon Athletica though for my gift card from one of my clients. They even do complimentary alterations and my pants need to be shortened, so they will be ready in about a week or so. I am excited. They look super cute and feel really good as well. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Yeay. Super exciting, not. I might just go downstairs and check it out for a little bit and then snuggle up on the couch again. It is already Saturday night, there goes my free weekend. I did not work this weekend. I felt like I deserved a free Saturday after having worked four in a row. But those weekends always pass fast L. I got all my tax documents in the mail and Aaron is gonna help me with it. We will see….. Jasmin is finally happy in Turkey (I got a complaint from her last time, because she was not mentioned hehe he) and that makes me happy as well. She speaks very highly of her co-workers and loves going to the bazaars for bargains. I cannot wait for the summer to be here, because I really don’t like the rain!!!