Sunday, February 14, 2010


… to everyone who does the Valentine’s Day deeds and happy one-year-anniversary of having been a U.S. resident to me! A vear ago I think Aaron was still waiting on me with our luggage because the procedure for me at customs took forever. But we made it and Maik and the kiddos picked us up! Anyway, this weekend was crazy here in Dallas. Thursday night Aaron’s cousin from Atlanta came in town and he brought his baby (girl, 3 months old). Friday night his other two cousins from Houston came in town – for the Allstar weekend here in Dallas. For those of you who do not know what that is: Once a year I guess all the NBA “stars” go to a certain city and everything goes crazy. Friday night there was a celebrity basketball game, last night there was a dunk contest and tonight two teams made up of the NBA “stars” play each other. I went to the mall yesterday, because my new pants at lululemon athletic were ready. If I had only known. Apparently everyone went to the mall. Kobe Bryant supposedly had just left as I got there and someone told me that Alicia Keys was there on Friday night. There were so many posers and wanna-bes, I cannot believe it. I am sure there were some celebrities, but I did not see anybody, nor did I really care. I just wanted my pants. It took me about 30 minutes to find a parking spot in the garage, and I usually park outside and then about an hour to get out of there. I even switched of my car as I was waiting for other cars to get out of the way or for them just to move because it took forever! So then last night we went out with Aaron’s cousins and we went to “DEUX”. I have been there once, and it was fine, but yesterday…… It was packed. Since Aaron knows the owners we did not have to wait in line but the place was just so crowded. And again, a lot of people who were trying to meet someone I suppose or trying to be something they were not. We still had fun, and so did the cousins from out of town! Needless to say, since today is my one-year-anniversary I feel kind of weird. It is weird how fast one year passed really and all the things that have happened. Also, I have not seen my family and friends in Germany for six months and I miss them. Hopefully, Jasmin will be able to come in August at least so we can go to the convention in Orlando. Aaron and I are going out of town for a couple of days soon and I am very excited!!!

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