Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love is in the air....

…. Dumm-dumm-dumm-dumm-dumm-dumm-dumm, love is in the air….. What are you doing for Valentine’s day? Anything special? I was thinking about that the other day, but did not really come up with anything, since we are not that big fans of any days like that anyway. Last year I baked a heart-shaped mini cake for Aaron and my dad. My dad got it in the afternoon, my mom gave it to him, since Aaron and I were on a plane and Aaron got his Friday night, as I was packing and practically going crazy…. It is Allstar Weekend in Dallas next weekend, so that means the city is gonna go crazy and there are going to be all kinds of people. Aaron’s cousin from Atlanta is supposed to come in town that weekend, too. Today I finally had a chance and was in the mood to go to the mall, but had to leave after not even an hour, because it was too crowded. I felt like I could not breathe anymore and almost did not find the exit…. Yaya, I know. I did go to Lululemon Athletica though for my gift card from one of my clients. They even do complimentary alterations and my pants need to be shortened, so they will be ready in about a week or so. I am excited. They look super cute and feel really good as well. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Yeay. Super exciting, not. I might just go downstairs and check it out for a little bit and then snuggle up on the couch again. It is already Saturday night, there goes my free weekend. I did not work this weekend. I felt like I deserved a free Saturday after having worked four in a row. But those weekends always pass fast L. I got all my tax documents in the mail and Aaron is gonna help me with it. We will see….. Jasmin is finally happy in Turkey (I got a complaint from her last time, because she was not mentioned hehe he) and that makes me happy as well. She speaks very highly of her co-workers and loves going to the bazaars for bargains. I cannot wait for the summer to be here, because I really don’t like the rain!!!

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