Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Next year I am going to.....

….well, I do not really do new year’s resolutions because I believe that if you want to change something in your life you might as well do it right away and not pick a certain date for it to happen. Anyway, but you may also say: “Next year I am going to….. New York, because I have not been there ever, to Germany to see my family and friends, continue my healthy lifestyle and saving money for more fun things to come, like the Zumba® Fitness Convention in August, keep up with all my certifications and get NASM certified….”….. The list can really go on and on. But what about this year? What about 2009? What was/were you favorite or bestest things to happen in 2009? For me, there are a couple, really. It started with me getting my visa in my passport in January, then in February Aaron and I flew to Dallas together and I immigrated, nothing really exciting in March, April or May. My sister was here all June, nothing really in July (I started working, urgh, hehe), except the Coldplay concert Aaron and I went to. I went back home to Germany in August for a week and went to yet another Coldplay concert with Jasmin. Aaron proposed to me in September and that is really it for this year. So, in 2010 I want to travel more, like to New York (finally) and go home for a little longer this time, maybe two weeks. Also, Jasmin might end up working in Greece so it would be nice to visit her there, but then again I would not be able to see everyone I want to see, since it would not be Germany. I also want to continue to keep my clients satisfied with me and keep them motivated. I want to keep on setting good examples for my clients and everyone else that needs guidance with a healthy lifestyle. I want to keep on educating myself about anything I need to to be the best personal trainer I can be. I want to take off some “me-time” every day for at least 15 minutes, which would be a time during which I can do whatever I think is good for me, like taking a nap, or daydreaming, working out, just relaxing or anything really. Let’s bring 2010 on!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Naughty or Nice??? - It is too late now anyway!!!!

Santa is coming!!! Yeay! Well, we do not have a tree, nor are Aaron’s presents here yet. I am kind of bummed about that, but I refused to step one foot in a mall around this time of the year because that would have driven me nuts. I decided to shop online, but most of the things I wanted for the man were out of stock and now he is going to have to wait. But then again, why wait for a specially marked day on the calendar to give something nice to a loved one? Oh well. I am ready for tomorrow, Thursday, Christmas Eve, 1pmish. I have one client at 10am and then it is my turn to get this ass in shape. Then I am going to go home and cook for us. Favorite!!!!! My mom sent me a recipe. Today I went to the grocery store, and since it was about 75 degrees Fahrenheit outside and CROWDED inside I was sweating my ass off as I got back in my car. Also, I had to take another drug test today and had to pee in a cup for that once again for my other job. Monday I have to get a full physical done, which is going to take about two hours, boooo. Oh well. My highlight of the week was a package from my family which we got on Saturday. Cody got some new clothes and Aaron and I got a small something for Sankt Nikolaus day. The year is coming to an end and I am really ready for it!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

10 months and still going strong!!!

Today is December, 14th 2009. That means that 10 months ago Aaron and I were almost in Dallas and I immigrated. I cannot believe that it has almost been a whole year. I have not seen my family and friends in Germany for four months. I am kind of sad, but it is also Christmas time, so I guess that is normal. I am just glad that so far (knock on wood) nothing has gone wrong big time. I have my visa, my Texas driver license, a job, a roof over my head, a car, food in the fridge and a great support team here, including Aaron and his entire family! I am glad and made the move! This week has been pretty uneventful just like the last couple ones. We had a Christmas party at my job on Friday, which we did not go to, because we had “other obligations”. I am still not in the Christmas mood to say the least and thought using some Christmas songs in my Zumba® Fitness classes would change that, but so far nothing jingle bell ringing yet, still. I did make five choreographies Wednesday afternoon though. Felt creative ;-). My highlight of last week was that my brother called me on Friday. I have not really talked to him since I left and Nicole neither, since her home phone does not work and my brother is barely at home. But Jasmin was so nice to give them my cell phone number (though they should have had that in their phone….. ) and they called right as I was walking out of the door at work. Perfect timing!!! Right now I am enjoying a yummy caramel latte macchiato which I just bought for our super coffee machine. I love that thing. Makes me really relax on my break from work. Christmas is next week, so that means: long weekend! Can’t wait to relax a little more and get energized for the new year. I decided not to work on my birthday, so we will see if that is going to work out!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Did y'all clean your shoes last night for St. Nikolaus?

I know I did not. In America St. Nikolaus does not stuff anything in your shoes and you find it in the morning… Yesterday I taught my first Zumba® toning class and it was a blast. It went better than I thought. I was nervous and excited at the same time, because it was my first time to teach that format. So, on Thursday Aaron told me he was not gonna be in town for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. He has to go to Milwaukee on the 30th and then from there to New York City on the 1st and then come back on the 2nd. I am sad that we are not going to spend that night together. I cannot do anything about it though. I got me an Advent Calender yesterday at the store. It was on sale for $1, so I got it. That way I keep up some of the German tradition, though it is only a chocolate calendar. Better than nothing. It snowed in Dallas, TX the other day. I missed it though. I heard it snowed pretty bad in the morning for like two hours but it did not stay because the ground is still too warm. It has been pretty cold though the entire week. Jasmin told me the other day she might be able to come see us in April or May, so we will see. I have no clue when I will be able to go to Germany next, just because one week is really stressful, so I would want to go for at least ten days, but then again I do not get paid if I do not work, so we gotta see. Also, I would rather go when Jasmin is there as well. For now, I am getting ready for this year to end and then we will start into a brand-new 2010!!!