Monday, December 14, 2009

10 months and still going strong!!!

Today is December, 14th 2009. That means that 10 months ago Aaron and I were almost in Dallas and I immigrated. I cannot believe that it has almost been a whole year. I have not seen my family and friends in Germany for four months. I am kind of sad, but it is also Christmas time, so I guess that is normal. I am just glad that so far (knock on wood) nothing has gone wrong big time. I have my visa, my Texas driver license, a job, a roof over my head, a car, food in the fridge and a great support team here, including Aaron and his entire family! I am glad and made the move! This week has been pretty uneventful just like the last couple ones. We had a Christmas party at my job on Friday, which we did not go to, because we had “other obligations”. I am still not in the Christmas mood to say the least and thought using some Christmas songs in my Zumba® Fitness classes would change that, but so far nothing jingle bell ringing yet, still. I did make five choreographies Wednesday afternoon though. Felt creative ;-). My highlight of last week was that my brother called me on Friday. I have not really talked to him since I left and Nicole neither, since her home phone does not work and my brother is barely at home. But Jasmin was so nice to give them my cell phone number (though they should have had that in their phone….. ) and they called right as I was walking out of the door at work. Perfect timing!!! Right now I am enjoying a yummy caramel latte macchiato which I just bought for our super coffee machine. I love that thing. Makes me really relax on my break from work. Christmas is next week, so that means: long weekend! Can’t wait to relax a little more and get energized for the new year. I decided not to work on my birthday, so we will see if that is going to work out!!!!

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