Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Naughty or Nice??? - It is too late now anyway!!!!

Santa is coming!!! Yeay! Well, we do not have a tree, nor are Aaron’s presents here yet. I am kind of bummed about that, but I refused to step one foot in a mall around this time of the year because that would have driven me nuts. I decided to shop online, but most of the things I wanted for the man were out of stock and now he is going to have to wait. But then again, why wait for a specially marked day on the calendar to give something nice to a loved one? Oh well. I am ready for tomorrow, Thursday, Christmas Eve, 1pmish. I have one client at 10am and then it is my turn to get this ass in shape. Then I am going to go home and cook for us. Favorite!!!!! My mom sent me a recipe. Today I went to the grocery store, and since it was about 75 degrees Fahrenheit outside and CROWDED inside I was sweating my ass off as I got back in my car. Also, I had to take another drug test today and had to pee in a cup for that once again for my other job. Monday I have to get a full physical done, which is going to take about two hours, boooo. Oh well. My highlight of the week was a package from my family which we got on Saturday. Cody got some new clothes and Aaron and I got a small something for Sankt Nikolaus day. The year is coming to an end and I am really ready for it!!!

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Petra :-) said...

I wish you and your family *merry Christmas* in Texas :-)