Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I guess when you turn 26.....

…. You do not need a birthday cake anymore. This was the first year in 26 years that I did not have a birthday cake. I assumed I would get one without having to say it, but as I learned that did not work. It would not have had to be one like on the picture on my last post…. Just a simple American birthday cake with lots of tasty frosting on there. Now, I know I should not say that, trainer that I am and all, but I love all the sweet temptations the American supermarket has to offer. Do I eat them a lot and all the time? Absolutely not. Would I if I could? Absolutely so! Anyway, I guess I’ll buy my own next year. Jasmin is not coming to Dallas, because she is going to Turkey on Friday, yeay!!! She is going to be there for six weeks and then we will see. I am really excited for her because that club resort is a lot bigger and they are already working on the class schedule for her so she can actually get back to giving classes, like Zumba® Fitness and Spinning. YEAY! That phone call which woke me up two minutes before I had to get up yesterday made it ok, LOL. Saturday night Aaron and I wanted to go see “Avatar” at the IMAX in 3D again, and it was sold out again. Bummer. I hope we will still get to catch it before they stop showing it at the IMAX. It is not too cold here anymore, but we cannot unpack the bathing suits just yet either. Cody is on vacation and I really miss her. Hopefully she will be back VERY SOON!!!

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