Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let's go easter-egg-hunting NOT!

Aaron is gone. He left yesterday morning. So that means the ladies are home alone. Cody and I have been fine so far, but it has only been one day, haha. Yesterday I got my hair done at the AVEDA Institute downstairs, so I could walk there! Awesome experience and so inexpensive, too. I spent less than one third of what I spent last time on my hair. That makes me and my bank account very happy! I took the best nap ever in the afternoon and went to Valley Ranch afterwards to meet up with a woman whose husband sells motorcycle helmets. Since the man got a nice and shiny bike he needed a helmet and since he went to Africa yesterday I had to go get it. The woman’s husband was in Mexico, so she had to meet with me, which I thought was amusing. Both men gone, so the ladies have to take control. I also did a little bit of shopping since she was running late and got a couple of very got deals. Later on yesterday I went to the new Whole Foods Market, also within walking distance, and got me some natural sunflower seed bread (just like the one I eat in Germany) and some goodies for Easter. That was my cheat-meal for the week, hehe. Some time next week I am gonna go spoil myself to some new gym shoes. I am gonna get the new Reebok Easytone in black, which I finally found, yeay! It is planned for me to go to Germany some time soon and then to Turkey with my mom to see Jasmin, but I am not sure about any details yet. I will let everybody know as soon as I know more. Last week was the end of the month at work, so that usually means that the sales people and managers are all up on everybody’s a**es, to make sure we all hit the quota. I did really well last month, the best so far. That’s also another reason why I am gonna spoil myself to some new shoes. We got our taxes done also last week and I am getting a pretty good return, which is going straight into my savings account! Other than that a pretty quiet week last week, except for the part that my legs are still a little red and I had a really hard time moving around till like Thursday morning because they were burned so bad. They hurt every time I got up from a sitting position and then Wednesday night after class I had blisters all over my legs because the sweat could not go through my burned skin. They busted on contact without pain but then the underlying skin was sensitive. I am really excited that I am getting to go to Germany and Turkey this year after all and cannot wait till all the planning is finalized!!!

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