Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three weeks into the year....

February is almost here.... That means Valentine's Day AND more importantly my three-year-anniversary of being a permanent resident of the United States of America. I read today that I can send in my application for citizenship after having lived here for four years and nine months, so that will be in 2013..... Um, maybe not then...Anyway, my birthday week came and went and the actual day was nothing special. I congratulated my Jassel at 3pm California time on the previous day and we put Rocky to bed together after. Jassele called me at 9am her time (a lil more humane compared to the Texas midnight 7am in Germany on her special day), and then went back to sleep. On my actual birthday I usually refuse to do anything I do not want to do. So, I did not do anything I did not want to do - like go to work. I never go to work on my birthday. I do not think anyone should! I made myself some birthday pancakes and ate those while on skype with my birthday partner in crime while she was eating cake. It felt weird, because last year was so awesome, I knew though it would be tough to make this year awesome.... Anyway, Aaron came home from work a tad earlier than usual and, oh fun, the electricity went off a couple of times. The first time right before I was about to make my daily afternoon coffee. Sure did not turn out to be a happy birthday girl. And no afternoon-coffee-cake-with-a-candle-to-blow-out-and-make-a-wish either. Cupcakes would have been great, too. I did get a candle to blow out after some complaining though. It was an awesome candle and I made an awesome wish after great dindin at one of my favorite restaurants with one of my favorite people. OK, so that was that. 28, we will talk in two years....... boooo. Today, my fur-child had to get his shots and he took it like a Champ, hehe he. He got three - one in the nose, one in the mouth and one between his scapulas. Poor baby. The one in his nose was the worst. My parents will be here in ELEVEN(!) weeks and I cannot wait!!!!! Too bad my Jassele is not though. I plan on going to Dallas soon or after my parents leave. I need to see my godchild!! And her mommy of course too!!

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chels.e. said...

i'm sorry your birthday wasn't quite what you had hoped. please let me know when you plan to head to dallas, id love to try and grab coffee or something if you have time. also, thanks for the yoga tip, i'm going to ask my doctor about it.