Saturday, February 11, 2012

The only constant that remains is change

Three years ago I had not even packed my stuff at my parents' house for my permanent move to the United States of America. I was still working at the private school as the P.E. teacher till the day before my departure. Three years ago I would have never thought time passes so fast, that I would live in California now instead of in Texas and that my life would be what it is now. Many times have doubts crossed my mind about that huge leap of faith I took as I was 25 years old, but I have never regretted taking it since. I love my life here, now in California and I loved my life in Texas as well. I have a wonderful man by my side that supports me and believes in me. We live in a great condo with an awesome view of the sunset, the ocean and the mountains and my little furry, four-legged child always brightens up my day, regardless of the mood I am in. For some reason, Valentine's Day always marks some kind of change in my life. Or around that day at least. Last year I turned in my two-weeks-notice at my first job to pursue a career at Equinox, three years ago that day marked a new beginning as well. This year, I am not gonna tell yet. Do not want to jinx anything. Anyway, my parents are going to be here in eight weeks and I could not be more stoked!! I cannot wait for them to see the beautiful sunset, the awesome views, going to the beach with them a lot and most importantly enjoy my mom's cooking!

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liss said...

Gorgeous photo! Miss you girl, glad you're doing well! Can't wait to hear what the surprise is! :)