Monday, September 19, 2011


Ok, ok, ok.... I guess we need to change the name of the blog to "A GERMAN IN CALIFORNIA", or "AN ANGEL IN THE CITY" (get the reference?? "City of Angels"), or something else. I am open to suggestions. Oh, why?? Because this German in Texas is moving to L.A., California in two months. Hmm, other than those minor news.... I got back from Germany about a week ago, only to find my house tv- and internet-less, but obviously that glitch is fixed now. Germany was nice, but I am really not "home" there anymore. I missed my Champy and everything, which is hard to read for my family and friends in Germany, I know. But i miss them, too, when I am over here. Where am I happier though? Here, in the U.S., that's why I decided back in 2007 to apply for my Greencard. Ha, I am one of those people now, too, who can address someone as my roommate, hehe he. The babies are doing great in Germany, though Champy still has not forgiven me, I think, that I left his bestie Roxy there and came home with only toys for him as bait for him not to be mad, but I do not think he can oversee this one. My mom totally amuses me with stories about the little fur princess whenever I talk to her and Jasmin sends me tons of pictures and a video daily (please do NOT EVER STOP) to keep me updated on my little projects. Parting with them was VERY, VERY, VERY HARD! I am still sad and I miss Rocky's pig-sounds and Roxy's whining at night time when she wants to snuggle. Friday I am going to L.A., California for a visit. First time to the West Coast of the country..... it was about that time! Cannot wait!!

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