Monday, March 23, 2009

Let the world be green, or white?!?!

Yeay, I made it through the week. It was so much fun, but with all those squats I do in my warm-ups my hams started to ache on Thursday night after my last official ZUMBA® Fitness class. On Friday I took the day off. No classes, no working out at the house.
I had a date - with the sister!!!! But, nice oh nice, internet went down! Crap. I was really looking forward to our webcam-session, because Jasmin had some girls over and it would have been so much fun to see them as well. :-(
Classes last week went awesome though. On Wednesday after the night class the group exercise director asked me if I wanted a permanent class on Friday morning at LOA. I told her I would think ab0ut it, because I am tired of Aaron having to drive me around. I want to drive myself.
Well, happy news!!! ( --> "happy news": news that make me happy) I finally got my permanent resident card in the mail. It is white..... not green.....!!!! The social security card is still not here though. Should be though within this to three weeks. URGH. I hate waiting!!!
Saturday, Amy's and my ZUMBA® Fitness demo went awesome! It was at 12noon and if you were not there you missed out on a free class, HAH! It was super hot and I got a nice little sunburn on my shoulders which hurts like crap, but I guess I had to get branded in 2009. Anyway, I asked Aaron today what he thought of me teaching, since he had never seen me teach (I know!!), so he said he has never seen me more confident. Awesome? AWESOME!!
Sunday's choreo jam at Heather's place in Red Oak was super awesome, too. Thank you ladies for the cool day and thanks again Juli for giving me the ride!!
So, overall a fun week, but I still cannot wait for Jasmin to come to Dallas. We will figure things out, girl, and then you will be here sooner than you might want! :-) LOL Luv u bunches and RAWR

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