Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ZUMBA® Fitness week here we go

Another week has passed. I changed my address for the USCIS, so they can start sending my things here, or anything that is.
This week is Spring Break, so I am subbing Amy's ZUMBA® Fitness classes. Well, three of the four she teaches. Monday night was fun. Class was only 45 minutes so I took a body pump class afterwards, which was awesome. One of our friends is starting a 5-week-bootcamp-challenge this coming Monday and Aaron is doing it. I would really love-love-love to do it, too, but since I do not have my SSN still I do not have the money for it right now. But I could sure need that extra kick in my not so much maintained perfect a$$ these days. I will get there eventually. I have been doing ZUMBA® Fitness at least three, if not four times a week since I have been here, so I guess I am just really picky with myself.
Anyway, this morning I subbed ZUMBA® Fitness at 9am, urgh. I really start to dislike morning classes, because I feel like I do not have enough energy to really pump it up. I do a waaaaay better class at night. Tonight at 6pm, same procedure. ZUMBA® Fitness baby, all the way. And then my regular class tomorrow night. Saturday we have a grand opening at the gym where Amy and I both teach and we are doing a demo together at 12noon. Hopefully a lot of people will show up and I already know Amy and I are gonna rock that demo!
Sunday, Heather is holding a Dallas choreo jam, which should be super-fun. I missed the last one, because we were not here yet, so I am super-excited to meet all the other ZUMBA® Fitness Instructors from the Dallas area and network and so on.
This passed weekend we went out with a bunch of guys. It was Saint Patrick's Day on Tuesday, so there was a parade on Saturday, which we missed btw, and then everybody went out at night if they had not crawled to bed at 8.30pm due to too much green beer ;-D.
It was a lot of fun, though the females could have used some more support. Ladies, I do not mind at all going out with a bunch of guys, aka the personal bodyguards, but you do not have to sit at home just because your man is drunk and out of control or passed out on the carpet at that :-D. We still had fun and it really paid off to have the personal bodyguards. We actually did go to the bar strip on Greenville though in the afternoon. They had like a gate set up there through which only people age 21 and up were let through after showing their I.D.. So, since I do not have my Texas I.D. yet I showed my German I.D.. That "security guy" actually thought it was fake and did not want to let me get in there. I thought he was kidding me. He said he did not know how all the European I.D.s looked like and that he had never seen that one before. Seriously. I told him I was 25 years old and he wanted to see my passport. I said I did not have it on me, since my visa is in there and that I certainly would not carry that around in a crowd of drunk people and that my I.D. was the same thing that is in my passport. Man, I tell you.... Miss Goody-Two-Shoes a fake I.D.?? HA!!
On Monday I got me my Tassimo coffee machine - to have some of my German home in my American home. Originally I had planned to get it as a reward for my first paycheck, but we had a 20%off coupon for the store which was only valid till the 23rd of March. I told my Dad about it and he actually said, awesome Dad that he is, that I should buy it for Aaron and I and he will put the money in my German account as an early Easter present. Isn't he the most awesome Dad ever? So, now I get to enjoy my favorite kind of coffee, that my awesome Dad actually introduced me to, and so will he whenever he decides to come visit me in my new home. Can't wait!!! Miss you all! Dad, Mom, Sandy and Nicole ...... AND ESPECIALLY MY JASSEL!!!!!!!

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