Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh, dear Christmas chocolates.....

Hey there, November! So I heard it is cold in Germany. We had 80 degrees Fahrenheit the other day . I went to Central Market on Wednesday and that place is stocked with Adventskalendern (for $ 11!!!!), Zimtsterne, Lebkuchen,…. Everything a German in Texas would love! And it is all in German, 100%. Nothing on the package is in English, so I am really wondering how they are gonna sell all of that stuff since nobody knows what it really is, except for the picture on the box….. I still watch my German soap on-line every day and it bugs the hell out of me that they put commercials before the real show starts. Every time I see a Giotto or a Kinder Maxi King commercial on there that is exactly what I want. And we don’t have those here. I found Ferrero Rochers, for like triple the price, but nothing else. This German in Texas misses her German Christmas chocolates and sure would not mind if someone sent her some…. But then again those efforts are not appreciated by the American customs, because last time my family sent us a package with food in there (for Easter, with Schmunzelhasen), they (customs) threw it away! Grrrr….. Well, my audition on Thursday went really well. I already got an email from the area group exercise coordinator on Friday morning saying that I mastered the audition and today another area group exercise coordinator from the same gym chain sent me an email asking if I could teach any or all of three classes she offered me. Unfortunately I had to turn down two, because they just do not work out with the other Zumba® Fitness classes I teach during the week. We will see. Still gotta go to the gym and talk to one of the guys and fill out the new hire package. I never got to take my license this past week, but am definitely planning on getting it done this month. It just has not worked out yet. Today, I am really tired, my body is tired and so is my brain. Aaron asked me to run an errand for him, we will see if I can get my butt off the couch for that. Tomorrow, my GM is gonna let me know if my new business idea for the gym is getting approved or not. I really hope so, it would be great! Since we do not have a bath tub anymore I gave Cody a shower yesterday. That was different, but it worked out well. I got a little bit wet, but that’s okay. I did not think I would get out of it completely dry and I planned on taking a shower after her anyway, lol. Other than that, tomorrow starts a brand-new week and I am gonna try to get as much as possible done!!

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