Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Christmas is in a month!!! Yeay!!!??? I am not sure yet whether to be happy about it or not. I do not know yet how I feel about it. Jasmin moved to Switzerland this past weekend and my brother and Nicole are gonna go to Mexico after Christmas. Aaron said we could go for a couple of days but I am not sure if I can take off work. I would love to go though. I finally managed to get my driver license. Yeay!!! I did not even have to take a test, BUT they took my European license from me. Well, I had to “give it up” in order to receive my American driver license. And all of that for $24, haha. I was really surprised. And it was my first positive experience with the DPS, all the other times before they had been really rude! This week is Thanksgiving week, that means everything else is messed up. My Zumba® Fitness classes have been cancelled, well most of them, because of the holiday and I usually have a lot of clients on Thursday, so I have had to rearrange their sessions a little bit. I am really excited about the Zumba® Convention in August 2010, but Jasmin told me today that she might not be able to go after all. It will be peak season at her job at that time and normally nobody gets to take a vacation at that time. BUMMER. But there is nothing really we can do about it. But here is my dilemma. Should I go anyway? We said we were gonna go together, but if she cannot take off work…. What am I gonna do?? Oh, my business idea at my job got approved that Monday two weeks ago and I started putting out flyers and all that for a six-week-session of Zumba® toning at the gym. Unfortunately a lot of people do not seem interested, which is really upsetting, since it is such a great program. I will teach it anyway. So far I am gonna have six people signed up and a couple of others said they are interested as well, but they have not made it back to the gym yet. Maybe after the first six-week-session word will spread more and the ones that took the class are gonna spread the word how awesome the program is. We will see. Turkey Day on Thursday!!!!

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