Saturday, November 28, 2009

Purple Saturday!!!!

…. Pink Sunday, orange Monday, yellow Tuesday, green Wednesday, blue Thursday, BLACK FRIDAY!!! This week was Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I was so full after dindin at Amy’s house, but it was so good. Even one of my clients brought me some turkey to work!!! After Thanksgiving dindin at Amy’s house in Mesquite we went by “Best Buy” and “Toys’r’us” to see how long the line was and there were people wrapped around the whole building. RIDICULOUS! I was really amazed about all the fuss about Black Friday, all of it just to save some money. Some stores here opened at 3am! CRAZY!!! Nobody I asked went though, so who did go??? I mean, these days you can compare everything online and you do not even have to get out of bed to save some money. The new month of December is almost here and I really cannot believe that the year is almost over and I have lived here for almost an entire year already. I got my Texas driver license in the mail yesterday and the picture looks pretty good, better than I thought really. I am not really in a Christmas mood yet, but these last years I never really have. I used to be really excited about that time of the year, but I guess when you grow older and there are not a lot of munchkins around anymore it changes. We will see how things will go this year. It is not gonna be my first Christmas here, since I was here in 2001, 2005 and 2006, I think. Turkey Day was my first, well really second, but I do not really remember a lot about it from 2001, other than cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dindin at school, going to the game and reading “Lord of the Flies” for my English class…..

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